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Partner Highlight: Dazzle Dry Partners

February 8, 2022

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In each edition of this new ongoing series, one Dazzle Dry Partner will share an in-depth look at their experience!

Burke Williams Spa

This month, Dazzle Dry spoke with Diane Hibbard of Burke Williams. Burke Williams is more than just your ordinary spa, it is an experience. They help decompress and transform your day inside their European-inspired spas. From facials, massages, manicures and pedicures, you’ll experience relaxation, peace, and an enhanced sense of well-being after visiting one of their locations.

How did you discover Dazzle Dry®?

We had been looking for solutions to chipping in both gels and traditional polish and had tried a variety of traditional and hybrid polishes without success. Then I met Silva Nahabedian and Adar Venyige on the show floor at iSPA in 2017. At first, I was incredibly skeptical at claims that a vegan polish focused on healthy natural nails, with easy removal, could provide up to 2 weeks of chip-free wear. But was won over by Silva’s passion for healthy nails and all things nail care and agreed to a product demo. I was immediately impressed by Dazzle Dry’s dry time, ease of application, color offerings, and product quality. I returned the very next day with Theresa and Bill Armour, Co-Owners of Burke Williams, and Theresa received a demo as well. For over a week afterward, we stayed in touch, commenting about how long-lasting the product was. Then I put the polish to the test by applying it to a wet room technician 5 minutes before a full body scrub, and sure enough, it lasted smudge-free!

What has Dazzle Dry® done for your nail business? 

Not only did Dazzle Dry® solve our issue with chipping, but it also solved many other issues guests experienced around gel polish, such as nail damage and yellowing of the nail bed, etc. Over the following months, we began to see that switching to Dazzle Dry® was the right move. Both Silva and Adar were amazing and supportive through the whole process, generous with testing products, and offered an abundance of education and training. Never feeling pressured or misled, we began to build a strong relationship based on mutual trust, understanding, and respect, with goal to become a win-win for both companies. Before using Dazzle Dry®, we offered a traditional lacquer, a quick-dry hybrid lacquer, and gel polish. Now, all of our guests have switched to choosing only Dazzle Dry® for their manicures and pedicures, and we have discontinued offering all alternatives.

 What are your customers saying about Dazzle Dry®? 

Guest feedback on quality, shine, and long-lasting application drove us down the path of change. Many of our nail technicians did not think guests would want to stop using gel polish, but Dazzle Dry® won them over upon trying it. Customers noticed less yellowing and strengthening of nail beds and conveyed overall increased satisfaction. This was also true of employees who were previously getting gel manicures and pedicures themselves!

What else would you like to add about your experience with Dazzle Dry®?

Switching vendors across multiple locations and training many employees is a huge undertaking, so we do not take those decisions lightly. Over four years later, the switch has paid off. Burke Williams now proudly offers Dazzle Dry® exclusively in all nail care services and has discontinued offering gel entirely due to the long-lasting results of this amazing product. I see both Silva and Adar as an extension of our team of individuals who bring exceptional service to Burke Williams’ guests. Due to this excellent partnership, we have also begun switching many supporting products (such as oils, etc.) to Dazzle Dry® Spa products, as we continue growing our business together.

Burke Williams Tech Provides Dazzle Dry Manicure

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