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The Woman Behind Dazzle Dry

March 15, 2022

Dr. Vivian Valenty

It’s safe to say that no one woman has brought more historically notable innovation to the beauty world than Dr. Vivian B. Valenty. For decades she has formulated industry firsts that not only break the ceiling in new level of category, but improve lives of professionals and consumers alike. Her products develop to solve

Dr. Vivian Valentyproblems safely and naturally, in a way only she can do with her innate love, understanding and attachment to the benefits of natural ingredients. Her absolute brilliance as a bio-organic chemist and scientist is evident in her focus to do more, encouraging customers to be more.

Growing up in the Philippines Vivian relished her family’s herbal garden in fascination of how those miraculous little plants, born of earth, brought pure power in real-life medicinal solution to family and village.

That little girl grew up to meld these innate understandings with education in science, ultimately earning her PhD in Chemistry after immigrating to the USA.

Decades later, with many other beauty firsts under her belt, early passions for natural solution still drive her innovation, as evidenced today in her Dazzle Dry® prestige Nail Care and Spa lines.

Vivian’s Dazzle Dry® Lacquer system broke the nail industry mold in 2007 as the very first long-wear lacquer, well ahead of its time. Now, its difference has catapulted Dazzle Dry® into top brand arenas. The industry’s only authentic long-wear polish that is vegan and responsibly formulated, its performance is unmatched, and unchallenged.


Dr. Valenty with husband and son

Dr. Valenty with husband, Dr. Steven Valenty, and son

Dr. Valenty High School Graduation

Dr. Valenty, High School Graduation

Dr. Valenty First Grade Class

Dr. Valenty, First Grade

Dr. Valenty Son Wedding

Dr. Valenty with son, Jeff