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Common causes for polish break down

Numerous culprits contribute to service breakdown. Here are a list of simple do’s and don’ts for polish application mishaps.

Do’s and Don’ts for polish application mishaps

Improper preparation of the nail plate

Polish peeling or chipping is directly linked to improper preparation of the nail plate. It is preferable that the nail plate be free of cuticle tissue by using a wooden or metal pusher to gently push back and remove off of the nail plate. Dazzle Dry™ Cuticle Remover will gently soften the cuticles in order to aid in their removal.

Over filing or roughing up the nail

You never want to take a nail file to the tops of the nails. Dazzle Dry™ quick-dry nail lacquer does not require any “roughing up” of the nail. You can use a mild buffer (240 grit or higher) to smooth out the cuticle work, remove the first layer of naturally occurring shine, and create a tiny bit of traction for the base coat to grab on to. This is not a vital step but can certainly aid in lacquer adhesion.

Leaving behind oil/lotion on the nail

Although cuticle oil and lotion serve a tremendous purpose for the nails and skin, improper removal of these agents will cause polish break down. I strongly suggest washing the nails with a soft nail brush and soap. Work up a lather on each nail, rinse thoroughly and dry hands. Common sense says that soap and water is the most efficient way to remove contaminants such as oil and lotion prior to polish application.

Over-drying out the nail plate

Too often manicurists and consumers will use polish remover, alcohol, and other dehydrating agents to prep the nail plate. This only impacts the adhesion of Dazzle Dry™. Only use your Dazzle Dry™ Nail Prep for optimum polish adhesion in a Dazzle Dry™ manicure.

Not allowing each layer to dry matte

When using Dazzle Dry™ quick-dry nail polish, allow each layer to dry matte prior to applying the next coat. This ensures optimum polish adhesion and 5-minute dry time after applying top coat.

These simple little steps make all the difference in optimum polish durability and adhesion.