10 Ways to Keep Your Dazzle Dry Mani Looking Flawless

10 Ways to Keep Your Dazzle Dry Mani Looking Flawless
We hate it when bad manicures happen to good people. From premature chipping to inconsistent color, small application mistakes can ruin even the best nail polish formulas. So to help you get the best results, we’ve put together the top 10 things to avoid when layering on your Dazzle Dry.
1. Remove oil or lotion first
Scrub your nails clean with soap and water prior to applying Nail Prep. This will ensure you’ve removed any lurking contaminants.
2. Do not reuse your wipes
Saturate 1 lint-free cotton wipe per hand with Nail Prep. As you go, rotate the pad to a clean spot to avoid pushing residue from one nail to the next.
3. Clear base coat
Always make sure Base Coat is clear before you use it. To do this, close the cap tightly and stand the bottle in approx. 1 inch of hot water.
4. Use enough base coat
Apply 2 layers of Base Coat. The extra layer of rubberized polymers will allow the natural nail to expand and contract with water absorption, making your manicure last longer.
5. Use enough Revive
Thick Nail Lacquer and Top Coat can cause premature chipping. Add 6-8 drops of Revive to reconstitute the viscosity without impacting the efficacy or pigment.
6. Let layers dry
Allow each layer of Dazzle Dry product to dry matte before applying the next.
7. Shake nail lacquer
The mineral pigments in our formula are heavy and can sink to the bottom.  For the best results, shake the bottle well to re-suspend the pigments.
8. Keep nail lacquer off your skin
Coming in contact with the skin can cause the Nail Lacquer to prematurely chip. Keep Nail Lacquer contained to the nail plate.
9. Do not blow on your nails
This common practice can actually fog the Top Coat and ruin your fresh manicure.
10. Do not use drying drops or sprays
Not necessary! Dazzle Dry is completely set 5 minutes after applying Top Coat.