Dazzle Dry 4-Step System Takes Home the ISPA Innovate Award

It was a big week for the spa industry and an even bigger week for Dazzle Dry at the 2018 ISPA Conference and Expo in Phoenix, Arizona. For three full days, the who’s who of the spa world gathered to talk shop, showcase their latest and greatest products, and honor those who are revolutionizing the way we practice self-care.


Highlighting every category from experience and technology to equipment and leadership, the International Spa Association recognized 15 companies for the coveted ISPA Innovate Awards, including yours truly, Dazzle Dry.



Founder Dr. Vivian Valenty and her team took the ISPA stage to accept the Innovate Award for Dazzle Dry’s bestselling product, the signature Four-Step Nail Care System. Because of Dr. Valenty’s breakthrough formula, Dazzle Dry is the only nontoxic nail care system to deliver hard-set nails that dry in just five minutes and last up to two weeks chip-free.


What makes Dazzle Dry so cutting-edge is that it does this without the use of UV light or harsh, reactive ingredients.. It removes like a traditional polish, delivers the performance of gel polish, and exists in an award-winning category all its own.


Thank you to ISPA and all our Dazzle Dry fans for helping us show the spa industry that beauty and wellness truly can go hand-in-hand.