Essentials for a Christmas Nail Polish Gift Basket

 Essentials for a Christmas Nail Polish Gift Basket


When it comes to creating the perfect Christmas gift for the special people in your life, putting together the most thoughtful and unique gift can be somewhat of a challenge. Thankfully, one guaranteed show-stopper gift you can put together is a Christmas nail polish gift basket. To craft this, consider adding the following must-have items for a fabulous pedicure or manicure nail gift set:

Essentials for The Best Christmas Nail Polish Gift Basket

  • Slippers or Flip Flops: The last thing anyone wants to do after a great pedicure is pull on a pair of sneakers to smudge the work. Therefore, adding flip-flops or slippers to a manicure set is a great idea. To create a spa-like experience, also consider adding a fluffy robe.

  • Foot File or Pumice Stone: Another important part of a good pedicure is getting the feet nice and smooth. So, adding a pumice stone or foot file to the gift set is an important element.

  • Hand and Foot Cream: Dazzle Dry has some amazing hand and foot creams that make a great addition to a Christmas gift set. Their Restore Shea-Butter, which is an all-over lotion combining rich shea butter, green tea antioxidants, and 11 essential oils for long-lasting protection and moisture is one excellent choice. The Renew Exfoliating and Moisturizing Cream is another option that softens and smooths callused skin with healing essential oils and gentle acids.

  • Nail Clippers: Adding a good pair of nail clippers is essential to any well-rounded manicure and/or pedicure gift set.

  • Nail File or Emery Board: Nail files are an important tool and are a necessary add-on item to get nails shaped properly. Some people prefer metal nail files while others like the gentleness of emery boards.

  • Cuticle Kit: Many people mistakenly underestimate the importance of taking care of their cuticles. However, any comprehensive manicure or pedicure kit should include a cuticle kit of some measure. Dazzle Dry makes an amazing nail cuticle oil. This product is a fast-absorbing source of omega fatty acids.

  • Nail Polish Remover: Having a clean foundation to start from is key to creating a beautiful nail base and a beautiful finished look. Therefore, adding a good nail polish remover, like Dazzle Dry’s Remove or Remove Non-Acetone, to a set is important.

  • Nail Polish Holder: One of the most challenging aspects of at-home manicures is holding the polish while doing the job. Thankfully, there are nail polish holders that make this process easier.

  • Nail Art: To create a truly magical nail look, it’s important to add depth and some texture. Therefore, as part of a great manicure and pedicure gift set, be sure to include nail art like diamonds, stickers, and more.

  • Dazzle Dry Nail System: Another challenging aspect of doing nails at home is getting the nails dry, so they won’t smudge, and then protecting them from chips and smudges. Thankfully, Dazzle Dry offers The System, which prevents chipping on the nails and creates a great finished look.

  • Nail Lacquer in Holiday Colors: Finally, don’t forget to include some lacquer in beautiful holiday colors in a manicure gift basket. Some great options from Dazzle Dry include the Christmas colors: Holly Berry, Mistletoe, Wink-Wink, and Timeless

Don’t Forget The Container or Basket


Once you gather everything together that will combine to create a great Christmas nail polish gift basket, find a beautiful basket or container to put it all in. This will be the final step and bring everything together to create an exciting and unique gift. Baskets are great for this purpose, but this gift can be given in another way as well by adding items to a makeup container, cosmetic bag, or even a cute tote.