Need a Nailcation?

Need a Nailcation?


In this article, Silva Nahabedian, Dazzle Dry's Director of Education, explains the importance of taking a "Nailcation."

What is a Nailcation?

Allowing a break between manicures from time to time can be beneficial for your nail health. I have coined the term "nailcation" — a mini-vacation for your nails. If peeling and white spots occur, I recommend taking a break from your nail polish routine and applying a nutrient-dense oil twice a day for 2-4 weeks to rejuvenate your nails. I have found that following this process leads to stronger, healthier nails.

Why do nails become unhealthy with prolonged use of long-wearing polish?

Individuals with porous nails are more prone to white spots or surface nail damage from long-wear polishes. Nails are composed of keratin layers. The porosity of your nails is dependent on how tightly woven these keratin layers are, and those with loosely woven layers have more porous nails. When long-wear polish is worn for an extended period (2+weeks consecutively), the strong adhesion can slightly separate the layers of keratin. Air pockets that appear as white spots occur as a result. If you have noticed white chalky patches on your nails or toes. This is a key indicator that you are a good candidate for a Nailcation. ;)

How long to take a Nailcation?

I recommend 2-4+ weeks. It largely depends on how unhealthy the nails appear.

What products should I use to restore my nail health while on a Nailcation?

We have 2 HERO products that can restore the nails to blemish-free condition. Mend Nail Repair Oil contains phospholipids and ceramides that seep into the crevasses to nourish the surface nail damage. Use Mend 2-3 times daily until nails are blemish-free. Once your nails have been restored to their optimal condition, switch to Maintain Oil. Maintain Nail & Cuticle Oil does just as its name suggests — it maintains the suppleness and flexibility of the nails once they have been restored to a healthier state. A blend of 19 oils penetrates the nail plate, keeping it well moisturized and nourished. It also prevents breakage and hanging nails.

How long to keep lacquer on?

Lacquer should be removed after 14 days or when chipping begins to occur.

How should I remove the polish for my Nailcation?

Using a moisture-rich nail polish remover such as Dazzle Dry Remove in Acetone or Non-Acetone will ensure that the nails are well-conditioned while effectively removing polish.

How often to take a Nailcation?

If your nails are completely free of blemishes, by all means, polish on! However, if you notice imperfections such as peeling, dry patches, flaking, etc., that is when you know it is time to take a break.

When can I resume polishing with Dazzle Dry?

Continue use of the Dazzle Dry System while using Maintain Oil daily once your nails have been restored to their optimal condition.