Dazzle Dry Partner Spotlight: PAINT NAIL BAR

Dazzle Dry Partner Spotlight: PAINT NAIL BAR


Dazzle Dry interviewed Michele Schlossberg, who co-founded PAINT NAIL BAR with her husband, Mark Schlossberg. Now with 30+ locations nationwide, Michele was happy to share with us her love of Dazzle Dry and how it has impacted her business.


How did you get exposed to Dazzle Dry?

In Sarasota, at our flagship location, we have many wonderful "snowbird" clients who split their time between up north and in Florida. One of our loyal clients, Tina L., had talked to me about Dazzle Dry years ago. My initial thought was it probably won't meet our nontoxic standards as we don't use any products with harmful toxins/carcinogens. Boy, was I wrong!!!



PAINT NAIL BAR customer near nail polish wall

Why do your customers love it?

Soooooo many reasons!


  1. Healthier for their nails.
  2. The quick drying time
  3. The wearability: We have many clients who, prior to Dazzle Dry, had never been able to wear polish for longer than a day or two!
  4. The color selection.
  5. The salon confidence Dazzle Dry inspires because clients know that our nail techs love it, too.

Why does your staff love it?

Our technicians and front desk teams are obsessed with Dazzle Dry; in fact, many have requested that PAINT become a "Dazzle Dry only" salon (and we've considered this). The ease of application combined with the simple steps has made Dazzle Dry our "gold standard" for regular manicures and pedicures. Not to mention, we love that kiddos come in for our mini-paint services, we don't have to worry about messing up their nails. And of course, we love the fact that our clients can put on their closed-toed shoes just 5 minutes after their pedicure. It's a win-win for both!

How has it impacted your business?

Dazzle Dry has impacted our business positively! We have several new clients who found us on the Dazzle Dry salon locator because all our 30+ locations across the US use Dazzle Dry. In addition, we have far less re-dos or fixes since Dazzle Dry is truly dry when the client is finished. There isn't any smudging, smearing, or chipping; the product is that outstanding!