Thanksgiving Nail Ideas: Feast Your Eyes on Festive Designs and Colors!

Thanksgiving Nail Color Ideas

Thanksgiving is a time of togetherness, whether your tribe is made up of family, friends, or some combination of both. As such, this time of feasting and entertaining is the perfect opportunity to show off a new nail look to everyone you hold dear. It’s also likely one of the last events in which it will be mild enough (temperature-wise) to dress sans gloves, so take the time to ensure your nails make a statement! Consider the following Thanksgiving nail ideas to get you headed in the right direction:

Gorgeous Thanksgiving Nail Ideas

Embrace The Shimmer

Although a bit of glitter or pizazz has always been a hallmark of the holiday season in terms of nail design, this year, more and more people are embracing the shimmer early for their Thanksgiving nail designs. While you can try this trend with virtually any color, it looks especially good for a Thanksgiving look if you opt for warm colors like mocha or caramel with a bit of glaze on top provided by the shimmer or glitter coating.

Shimmering Sands - Dazzle Dry nail lacquer


A great example of this is the Shimmering Sands color by Dazzle Dry, which is a dark beige (perfect for autumn) with a subtle champagne shimmer, which is ideal for this festive occasion.

Classic Look of Deep Red

Deep reds or classic reds are always a good option for the Thanksgiving or fall season. This pays homage to the rich colors found in the beautiful foliage of the changing trees and also communicates a darkening of the seasons as fall transforms into winter.

Passionate Red - Dazzle Dry nail lacquer

Dazzle Dry’s Passionate Red is a good option for this as it is a full-coverage cream lacquer in a deep red wine, complete with a dark twist. One way to play up this look is doing a base of this color with a design on top like leaves, glitter to look like leaves, gold flakes, or other autumn-inspired color on an accent nail.

Nail Art

Nail art for a Thanksgiving look can include pumpkins, apples, and even a cornucopia. It can also include leaves, stick-on-gold pieces, and more. Really anything to dress up the basic background and embrace the season. You can even add rhinestones or gold flecks to your nails. The best thing about fall colors being dark is they look amazing with this type of embellishment, so embrace it for all its worth!

Plaid Nails

Another perfect look for Thanksgiving is the plaid look, which is the perfect fall vibe. Create your pattern of plaid with your favorite colors such as oranges, golds, deep reds, yellows, and more. Think of a fall or winter blanket, or a comfy sweater, and then create something similar.

 Mojave Dreams - Dazzle Dry nail lacquer

The Mojave Dreams color which is a burnt orange shimmer from Dazzle Dry is a great option for this look as it makes a good base or accent color.

Mocha, Monochrome, and Brown Nails

Another nod to the cooler weather and the entrance of winter is mocha-themed nails in a base color of monochrome brown, cappuccino, dark red, or even tan. Opt for a monochrome gradient design for a bit more flair, but either way, the matte finish is perfect for fall, and adding a glossy tip is even better. Think coffee and sweaters to picture this look.

Breath of Fresh Air

While the list is made up of many traditional fall-inspired colors that you would find throughout autumn, like oranges, reds, browns, etc., there is nothing saying that Thanksgiving can’t also be ideal for other colors, like the Northern Lights by Dazzle Dry, which is a full coverage, gray-toned turquoise with a cream effect.

Northern Lights - Dazzle Dry nail lacquer

This or a midnight blue or other shade of blue can be a welcome alternative to the oranges and browns of a season and pairs great with a wide variety of patterns and add-ons to allow you to be creative with your look.

Ombre Style

This trend isn’t so much about the color you choose but the style of paint you use. It includes fading a color from a bright shade to a deeper hue on your nail. It adds just a bit of style to a look and can offer some mystery to an otherwise standard design. You can opt for fading from a bright cherry red to a darker rich red or burgundy, or opt for an entirely difficult color. The gradual gradient of the color has to be on point to sell this look.

Festive Designs and Colors for Thanksgiving Nail Ideas

The above designs and colors will get you headed in the right direction to create a beautiful Thanksgiving nail look. Choose Dazzle Dry to create these looks to get the most out of your design and to impress everyone with the richness of color and the beauty of the shades used.