Why Become a Dazzle Dry Pro

Dazzle Dry Pro

Dazzle Dry is a revolutionary four-step manicure system that defies industry conventions. The scientifically formulated products are designed to be effective and to prioritize the health of the nail, all while looking beautiful. Becoming a Dazzle Dry Pro gives you as a nail professional unprecedented access to the Dazzle Dry product lines along with more notable benefits.

What is Dazzle Dry Pro?

Becoming a Dazzle Dry nail professional is a way to take advantage of all Dazzle Dry has to offer and become a skilled nailblazer! It is a community of beauty and nail care professionals who are passionate not only about excellent products but about creating and maintaining healthy nails as well. If you meet the requirements, you can sign up and begin enjoying the benefits of being a Dazzle Dry Pro.

Benefits of Becoming a Dazzle Dry Pro

Speaking of benefits, there are many advantages associated with becoming a Dazzle Dry Pro and taking your love of the brand up a notch. The following are just a few of the most notable:

  • Access to exclusive deals and wholesale nail polish pricing: This will give you the kind of pricing that allows you to enjoy even more Dazzle Dry products. This means you can elevate the way you use the Dazzle Dry system either for yourself or for your clients.
  • Access to marketing materials and valuable online education courses: These courses will help you learn more about how to utilize the Dazzle Dry products optimally and also learn tips on how to keep nails healthy. The marketing materials will help you as a professional get your business started as you service new clients or seek to build a larger clientele. It is also beneficial as a way to educate clients about Dazzle Dry.
  • Newsletters on new products, nail trends, innovations, and promotions: This newsletter, which you will be privy to as a Dazzle Dry Pro, includes all sorts of industry-relevant and insider information. Learn what’s trending, what products are getting hot, and what is on promotion.
  • Become a Nailblazer: This cleverly worded title means you are in the Dazzle Dry affiliate program, which entitles you to earn commission on each and every product you sell. This will be especially helpful if you already have clients who respect your opinion and will trust you to recommend high-quality products.

Pro Testimonials

The following testimonials are from real-life industry professionals, who have partnered with Dazzle Dry as a Pro, and the way that they have found added success with the Dazzle Dry Brand. These represent what real professionals in the industry have enjoyed about incorporating Dazzle Dry into their businesses:

We specialize in natural, yet luxurious, nail care experiences making Dazzle Dry’s clean, long-wear formula a perfect partner.” Kate Morrison, Director of Wellness & Sustainability at Spa Ojai

We love the Dazzle Dry system. We actually stopped offering gel. Thank you for creating such an amazing product.” Khim Neang, Spa Director at Woodstock Inn & Resort, Vermont

My clients and I love Dazzle Dry! I have been using the system for a few years now, and I find the colors are gorgeous, the product applies really well (we love the application brush) and it lasts forever! Plus, the shock and delight my clients have about the five-minute dry time never gets old.” Meredith, Life Spa Eden Prairie, Eden Prairie, MN

We love the quick drying time to allow guests to go to their next activity easily with less chance of spoiling their fresh nail treatment. Our guests appreciate that the lacquer is long wearing and feel it is a good value!” Sheryl McCormick, Director of Spa at the Phoenician, Phoenix, AZ

How to Sign Up

The main requirements for becoming a Dazzle Dry Pro is being a licensed esthetician, being a cosmetologist, or being a trained and licensed nail tech. Thankfully, if you have this general training and licensing, Dazzle Dry Pro will give you access to complimentary training courses that help you learn the specifics of how to utilize the product lines at Dazzle Dry beyond your nail technician experience. This can include in-house training at a salon or spa or take place via Zoom or a phone call. Dazzle Dry is proud to provide their pros with all the training and education they need to succeed.

How To Become a Dazzle Dry Pro