Your Self-Care Routine Shouldn’t Stop at Your Nails

Ask any beauty buff snapping a “shelfie” of their medicine cabinet and they’ll tell you: this is the age of self-care. From Korean sheet masks to crystal face rollers, more people than ever are investing in a little more “me time.”


But there’s one cosmetic category that’s not getting the self-care status it deserves: nail care. Our hands and feet bear the brunt of daily activity but when it comes to making time for a little extra pampering, they often get overlooked.




Sure, many people go to the nail salon every two to three weeks for a quick gel removal, polish change, or acrylic refill but these express manicure services are not doing anyone or their nails any favors.


That’s because express manicures (e.g. manicures lasting approximately 25 minutes) are not capable of giving your nails the TLC they need. In fact, a manicure – when done properly should take anywhere from 45 minutes to 75 minutes, especially if additional fluff and buff is involved (i.e. scrubs, masks, paraffin, massage, hot stones, etc.)


Unfortunately, for as long as salons have existed, owners have been looking to optimize their revenue stream. But when salons and spas start favoring quantity over quality, nail care can turn into nail careless. And anything short of that 45 minute mark may ultimately deliver a haphazard manicure, potentially making your nails worse than when you started.


Dazzle Dry delivers hard-set nails in just five minutes, but that doesn’t mean we don’t believe in respecting process. In fact, that process – which includes everything from properly prepping the nail plate to precision cuticle care and polish application – can be the key difference in a manicure that lasts three weeks or three days.


That’s why it’s important to make sure your self-care routine doesn’t stop at your nails. By giving yourself (and your nail technician) time to pamper your nails, you’ll not only be giving them the treatment they need to look and feel their best, you’ll also be allowing yourself time to relax and recharge. Think of it less as a manicure and more of a manicare.