Slay the Night With These Classy Halloween Nail Designs

Classy Halloween Nail Designs

Recognized every year on October 31st, Halloween is the modern celebration that began as an ancient Celtic festival, which involved costumes to ward off ghosts, bonfires, and more. Eventually, after combining these celebrations with other festivities, the day has now morphed into a time of trick–or–treating, parties, costumes, eating candy, and carving pumpkins. However, although the holiday overall is one of darkness and childhood trickeration, you can celebrate Halloween in a classy, elegant way, embracing the darkness and slaying the night. Read on for some helpful tips on creating classy Halloween nails this year:

Classy Halloween Nail Designs

Classic Halloween Colors

When it comes to Halloween nails, there are a few standard colors that go hand-in-hand, no pun intended, with the holiday. For example, consider the following seasonally appropriate colors that will get you into the right frame of mind for any spooky soirée:

  • The Timeless Appeal of Black: The color black exudes darkness and can also be elegant and understated. Midnight Express is a Dazzle Dry color that works well for many occasions, including Halloween. This true black lacquer provides a classy darkness without being too over-the-top.
  • Mysterious Shades of Deep Purple: The color purple is close enough to black that it communicates that dark message without being too gothic. Dazzle Dry’s Pumped Up Purple, which is an inky purple crème with a deep finish, works well for this look.
  • Elegant Blood-Red Hues: Of course, no Halloween look would be complete without a touch of blood. This Radiant shade is described as being full-coverage in a red brick. The slight copper tone makes it ideal for fall and helps sell the look of blood.
  • Vibrant Orange: Last, but certainly not least when contemplating Halloween colors, you have to include a vibrant fall orange. Dazzle Dry’s Citrus Streak is a summery orange or burnt orange that is perfect for creating an autumn look. It’s also subtle enough that you won’t feel you are signaling someone with your bright orange nails.

Subtle Halloween Patterns

While the above information highlighted some awesome individual shades you could try through Dazzle Dry for a Halloween look, the following are some inspirations for patterned looks. Keep in mind that just because Halloween is an extravagant, exuberant holiday, this doesn’t mean your nails have to follow suit. Being subtle can be the best look for Halloween, so try out these patterns:

  • Minimalist Spider Webs: You can go as bold or subtle as you like with spider webs. Begin by applying a coat of color you want to use for the base. Many will use black, such as the deep purple color mentioned above. However, if you want a lighter look, you can use a red, or even a pink and then draw on the webbing with a contrasting color of either black, white, or even silver.
  • Hauntingly Beautiful Moon Phase: Showcasing the moon phases on your nails is another subtle way to embrace the night and create a more refined Halloween look. Opt for a dark gray color, or black base, and then fill in the moon phases on your nails with stickers or nail decals.
  • Elegance in Bat Silhouettes: Another subtle look for Halloween nails is creating bat silhouettes. Do this by starting out with a base, which can be any color, from pink or purple to red, and then applying a contrasting silhouette in a bat shape over the nail. You can do one accent nail with bats and keep the others plain, or opt for bats on each nail, but keep them minimal.

Gothic Inspirations

Halloween is also the perfect opportunity to let your Goth style come out and play by embracing Goth nails. The following are some fabulous patterns and design options that will help you create the Goth look this year:

  • Victorian Lace and Roses: Begin to create this look by using Dazzle Dry’s Siena shade which has a look of roses. Then overlay it with a lace pattern in either black, white, or another contrasting color. This is a subtle look and appears very elegant and understated.
  • Dark Victorian Mourning Style: This deep red wine shade with a dark twist by Dazzle Dry called C.E.O. is the perfect way to create a morning look that is dark and Victorian.
  • Coffin and Cross Designs: To finish off the Goth look, one can’t forget the crosses and coffins. Dazzle Dry’s Mystical Voyage shade, which is a medium sable milk brown, is ideal for a coffin and can be placed over a contrasting base shade. You can also shape your nails in a coffin shape to further create this look. Use any contrasting shades to feature a cross.

Metallic Magic

Halloween also presents a great opportunity to embrace magical metallics. The following are some great ways to create this look:

  • Silver and Gold Accents: You can easily create this look using Head Over Heels by Dazzle Dry — a medium golden bronze with a metallic shimmer.
  • Mirror-like Chrome Finish: This bold look is one you can also enjoy at this unique time of year. This polish creates a mirror-like finish that is lots of fun.
  • Rose Gold Sophistication: Rose gold is a sophisticated look that works well throughout the year, and has a lovely appeal for Halloween. Get this beautiful look with Dazzle Dry’s Starstruck Mini Kit for long-lasting nails.

Style with a Spooktacularly Chic Halloween Ensemble!

The Halloween holiday offers you plenty of opportunities to slay the night and create an elegant or even sophisticated nail design. Using Dazzle Dry products, which are outlined above, you can embrace the darkness while not going too exaggerated or overblown. Be sure to follow the steps for aftercare to ensure that your nail design or pattern lasts as long as possible, all the way through the spooky season.