12 Holiday Manicure Ideas

12 Holiday Manicure Ideas


As a true fan of intricate nail design, you are likely always on the lookout for inspiration. Thankfully, the approach of the holidays provides an abundance of potential ideas you can try. Read on for 12 of the best trending holiday manicure ideas — well-suited for Dazzle Dry nail lacquers — that are sure to be big this season.


Holiday Inspired Nails



Rudolph nail design  

As a favorite of the holiday season, Rudolph is also a great idea for nail design. To perfect this look, paint all nails except an accent fingernail in Christmas red, the color of Rudolph’s nose, and then have an accent nail designed to look like a cartoon reindeer. [color recommendation: Rapid Red]




snowflake nail design

Snow is synonymous with the wintertime and by incorporating snowflakes on your nails, you can create your own winter wonderland. You can alternate nails and have some with snowflakes and some painted solid colors that go with the theme, like solid blues or icy gray, or even sparkles. [color recommendation: French Quarters]




ornament nail design

 Another holiday favorite that works well on nails is ornaments. You can opt for the standard ball shape or get even more creative by attempting other ornament shapes or presents of all colors. [color recommendation: Day Dreaming]



christmas stars nail design


As a key part of the Christmas story, stars also symbolize the meaning of the season. Keep in mind, stars work for New Year’s Eve too, which makes them a great combination design you can use throughout the season. [color recommendation: Head Over Heels]



christmas tree nail design


The mighty evergreen is yet another option for your nails throughout the holiday season. You can do this by painting all your nails as mini trees or instead opt for a solid color with the two accent nails decked out in holiday regalia. [color recommendation: Vigor]



menorah nail design


This is a great way to showcase your faith uniquely by featuring a menorah on an accent nail. [color recommendation: Mystic Blue]


Candy Cane

candy cane nail design


The classic red and white stripes of the candy cane are easily recognizable as a symbol of the entire winter season. You can either do stripes on each nail or do solid red or white with alternating colors on an accent nail. [color recommendation: Love]


Mistletoe & Berries

mistletoe and berries nail design


If you like to create some texture, this nail design offers you the perfect opportunity as you can use small beads as berries and accentuate with mistletoe painted on your nails. [color recommendation: Holly Berry]


Penguins and Polar Bears

penguins and polar bears nail design


Another fun way to celebrate the season is by trying out some winter animal designs like polar bears and penguins. The color scheme offers a great deal of leeway in terms of how to create this. You can have accent nails and have other nails painted in Christmas red or even alternate with stripes or other geometric designs. [color recommendation: White Lightning]



plaid nail design


The holidays usher in the beginning of the plaid season, so why not embrace plaid on your fingernails as well? This design looks impressive and isn’t that difficult to do as it is just layering different colors in strategic patterns. [color recommendation: Perfectly Plaid]



santa nail design


Of course, Santa himself is also a great option for nail design and is great to wear throughout the holidays. You can portray several parts of Santa, meaning you can have a Santa hat or coat on your nails, or even opt for his entire face or his sled. [color recommendation: High Velocity Red]



Christmas candle nail design


Another classic holiday look that is great for this time of year is candles. Featuring a base color with an accent nail with a candle is a pretty way to welcome in the season. [color recommendation: Sultry Samba]



Keep these 12 holiday nail design ideas in mind when creating your Dazzle Dry nail look this holiday season.