The Best Nail Polish Colors for Olive Skin

Whether a coat of polish is part of your self-care schedule or a fun activity among friends, you want a color that suits your style as well as your olive skin tone. But which shade is perfect for you?

For an aesthetic match, you should look for colors of non-chipping nail polish that highlight the shade and undertones of your skin. If you have olive skin, several shades will complement your natural beauty.

In this article, we’ll provide tips for finding your perfect polish shade, explore which colors look best with olive skin, and discuss why you should choose Dazzle Dry for your next manicure.

How Do I Choose a Nail Color for My Skin Tone?

While trends may come and go, your perfect polish match never goes out of style. So what are the best nail colors for olive skin?

As you’re navigating which lacquer look should be your go-to, you’ll want to not only base your decision on your olive skin but also your unique undertones. Whether you’re warm, cool, or neutral, understanding what makes you uniquely you can help uncover the right hue.

Identifying Your Skin’s Undertone

Knowing you have olive-toned skin is one thing, but there’s plenty more to uncover about your glow. Your skin's undertones can help you understand whether silver or gold accessories look best on you and what lacquer colors you should gravitate toward. Finding the nail polish color that matches your medium skin tone depends on whether you have a warm, cool, or neutral undertone.

Here are a few different techniques to de-code your natural undertones.

#1 Try the T-Shirt Test

One easy way to assess the undertones of your olive skin is to grab a plain white t-shirt (or any white top). If you put it on and notice that a bright white shirt suits you best, you may have cool undertones.

If you look better in a shirt that’s closer to beige or eggshell, you probably have olive skin with warm undertones. If you can pull off both looks equally, you likely have neutral undertones.

#2 Look at the Color of Your Veins

Your skin’s undertones will impact the appearance of your veins. Simply turn over your wrist and take a look at whether they look green, pinkish, or blue.

If you have cool undertones, you’ll likely see a bluer or pink hue under your olive skin. If you notice that they’re greenish (or difficult to see at all), you have either warm or neutral undertones.

#3 Compare Different Metals

If you’re still unsure about your undertones, look at your jewelry. Your favorite accessories may also help you determine which nail polish colors look best.

If you notice you typically gravitate towards silver jewelry, you probably have cool undertones. Instead, if gold accessories make you glow, you’re warm-toned. If you usually mix and match (and even throw in other metals like rose gold and copper) you probably have neutral undertones.

Choosing Your Perfect Polish Match

Nothing quite compares to finding the perfect shade. Whether you’re into bold tones or understated elegance, there’s no shortage of nail lacquer colors that highlight the natural beauty of olive skin.

But it’s not just about what technically suits your skin tone. When you’re choosing your next nail polish, you’ll want to consider your style, too. For example, if you find yourself drawn to a more neutral color palette, a bold red nail may not be the look you’re after. On the other hand, pale pink may not be your thing if you’re a fan of bold prints and eye-catching jewel tones.

When it comes to the right nail polish, look for a shade that also works well with your wardrobe and personal style, so you feel confident showing off your mani no matter where you’re headed.

What Colors Look Best with Olive Skin?

When you’re after the best nail color for olive skin, there’s no one-size-fits-all shade. Instead, there are several lacquer options you’ll want to check out that captivate and charm, from understated nudes to eye-catching coral tones. Here are some colors you’ll want to consider when shopping for your next signature shade.

Seasonal Colors for Olive Skin

With olive skin, your style (and tan) may vary from season to season. Here’s a look at some popular polishes to showcase your natural beauty from January to December:

  • Classic neutrals for winter and spring – Look for neutral shades that work well with your skin’s undertones. If you’re cool-toned, go for a color with pinkish-beige hues, like Dazzle Dry’s full-coverage color Textbook. If you have warmer undertones, opt for a nude with soft tones like Dazzle Dry’s Alluring Charm lacquer. For more tips on the Best Nude Nail Polish for Olive Skin, check out our guide!
  • Beat the heat with bold summer looks – From captivating corals to bright teals, there’s an endless number of shades that will pair well with your skin tone this summer. As temperatures rise, add your own personal flair with colors like Dazzle Dry’s bright melon crème lacquer, Oh My, or the shimmery teal shade, Glamorous.
  • Pops of color in the fall – To add a pop of color to your look, blues, burgundies, and purples will complement the yellow and orange undertones of your olive skin while giving your nails a healthy glow. For a modern look, go for shades like Dazzle Dry’s rose-toned mauve, Celestial Dreams, or the plum purple crème polish, Sultry Samba.

Light and Airy vs. Dark and Bold

With olive skin tone, you’re not tied down to a single color palette and have the versatility to rock light and airy tones or dark and bold hues. If you have fairer olive skin, especially during the winter months, you may want to choose a shade that complements your delicate complexion, like a soft pink or classic nude.

However, your skin tone looks great with bold and daring shades as well, making it easy for you to reach toward blue, purple, or red lacquer.

Why Choose Dazzle Dry?

Whether you’re a fan of bright shades or understated nudes, when you’re after the best nail polish color for olive skin, Dazzle Dry has the hues you need. Plus, all our products are formulated free from animal byproducts and sensitizing ingredients, so you can rest assured that they’re a good fit for your clean-ingredient lifestyle.

When you take advantage of the four-step Dazzle Dry System, your nails will have the comprehensive care they crave. Designed with your nails in mind, our formulas can help make your nails stronger and healthier the longer you use them.

Find the Perfect Shade for Your Olive Skin with Dazzle Dry

Level up your looks by choosing the right shades for your olive skin. Once you’ve found the colors you’re after, check out Dazzle Dry’s lacquer collection to browse our variety of nudes, bright colors, and jewel tones. Whether you’re looking for a full-coverage creme polish or a sheer neutral shade, we’ve got you (and your nails) covered.

Crafted by bioorganic chemist Dr. Vivian Valenty, Dazzle Dry’s formulas are made with your nails in mind. Enjoy a professional-grade manicure without the hassle of fans or UV lamps. With a five-minute dry time, our polishes will help you achieve the look you want and leave you with plenty of time to show it off.

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