Celebrate Chinese New Year with Themed Nail Art Using Dazzle Dry Nail Lacquer

Nail Art for Chinese New Year


Known as the grandest ancient traditional festival in China, the Lunar New Year, also known as The Chinese New Year, is a festival that lasts for 15 days, beginning with the appearance of the new moon. It is known in China as “Guo Nian” and is thought to welcome Spring and the New Year. During this time of celebration in China, citizens rest from their work and come together with family and friends near and far to celebrate. It is a time of jubilation and joy and has its own historic and traditional representations that are always associated with this celebration.


Even if you do not have Chinese heritage, you can still enjoy celebrating the Chinese New Year by trying some themed nails. Consider the following options that all go along with this cultural event and New Year celebration. You can do them yourself at home with Dazzle Dry Nail Lacquer or ask your nail tech to use Dazzle Dry and have the artwork sourced out to a professional.

Chinese (Lunar) New Year Nail Art

Chinese Zodiac Signs

Unlike what you likely think of as Zodiac Signs, when it comes to Chinese culture, there are 12 astrological signs. They include the ox, rat, pig, dog, rooster, monkey, sheep, horse, snake, dragon, rabbit, and tiger–with this year being the year of the rabbit. Choose to have the Zodiac Signs highlighted as part of your nail art to pay homage to Chinese culture this Lunar New Year.


Color Recommendation: Red Hot Chili


Since the Chinese New Year is tied to the lunar cycle, another way to celebrate this time of the year is nail art with moon themes. You can do stars, moon, or both, or opt for a galaxy look. Just think: celestial inspiration to come up with a look that will work well.


Color Recommendation: Space Lemon


In Chinese culture, dragons represent strength, health, and good luck, and they are one of the animals in the Chinese Zodiac. In addition, the Dragon Dance is part of the all-important Chinese New Year celebration. Therefore, incorporating the mighty dragon into your nail art is another great way to embrace the Chinese New Year.


Color Recommendation: Champagne Suede

Red and Gold

The colors red and gold are found everywhere within the Chinese New Year celebration from the color of the dragons to the decor and more. In fact, the celebration often features red lanterns and even red cutouts. Family members and friends also put money into red envelopes, which they then give as gifts to each other throughout the celebration. The many ways you can incorporate gold and red into your nail design are immense. Red and gold look beautiful together and you can even do gold flakes to create a unique look.


Color Recommendation: Pep Rally

Florals like Cherry Blossoms

As mentioned above, the Chinese New Year celebrates the coming of Spring, which of course calls to mind the blooming flowers and trees. One of the beloved representations of this is the beautiful Cherry Blossoms. Therefore, incorporating cherry blossoms on your nails is a great way to welcome in the Spring.


Color Recommendation: Yoga Mama


Jade is another important material that is considered good luck and is worn throughout the Chinese New Year. The beautiful green color of jade is a great alternative to the golds and reds if you don’t particularly care for them, or simply to give you another option to try.


Color Recommendation: Self-Made

Mandarin Symbols

The Mandarin language is a common way to wish loved ones and friends alike a Happy New Year when celebrating the new Lunar Year in China. Adding some form of Mandarin Symbols as part of your nail art is a great way to embrace Chinese culture and welcome in the New Year.


Color Recommendation: Lunar Love



Keep all the tips for nails for Chinese New Year listed above in mind as you seek to embrace the Chinese New Year through exquisite Dry Dazzle nail art.