Deck Your Nails with Dazzle Dry: Festive Holiday Colors

Festive Holiday Nail Colors

The holidays provide a perfect opportunity to try out new nail designs, including bold colors, interesting patterns, and fun-themed sets. You can embrace the chilly weather this time of year by creating sweater or snow-themed nails or simply using the colors of the season, such as bold green and red, for inspiration. You can also incorporate the images of the season by putting trees, mistletoe, reindeer, ornaments, and more on your nails. Suffice it to say, there are many options to choose from when it comes to creating a fun festive holiday look. Read on for some ideas to get you headed in the right direction:

Holiday Nail Color and Design Ideas

There is really no wrong color for the holidays except maybe a pumpkin orange that calls to mind the fall season, although even that can be incorporated into a sweater pattern throughout the winter. Therefore, choosing what colors and designs you want to embrace is up to you. The following are some fabulous Dazzle Dry color recommendations that are ideal for this time of year:

Red Inspired Design

This bold color by Dazzle Dry called Holly Berry is perfect for the Christmas season and is one of the best holiday nail colors. The semi-sheer true red color can serve as part of a patterned design mimicking flannel, can be part of Santa's costume, or be the background for a tree scene or more.

Holly Berry - Dazzle Dry nail lacquer

Gold Accented Designs

Another way to celebrate the holidays via your nail design is by embracing gold. Starstruck by Dazzle Dry is a great option for this design as it is a metallic rose gold color that is perfect for a variety of looks. You can use it to create stars on your nails, bringing the sparkle of the holidays to life, or use it as a glitzy accent color. Gold will work well for Christmas but also transitions well into New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Starstruck - Dazzle Dry nail lacquer

Tree Looks

Dazzle Dry also features a semi-metallic emerald green color called Mistletoe, which is perfect for creating the evergreen tree look. Of course, you can also use it to create holly branches or even mistletoe on the nails. In addition, it is the perfect color for an elf if you want to embrace that theme.

Mistletoe - Dazzle Dry nail lacquer

Sleek Silver Designs

If you would rather opt for silver instead of gold accents, then the metallic, full coverage, galvanized steel color Silver Lamé by Dazzle Dry is a good option. Create icicles or a frosty, frigid winter scene, or use it in conjunction with gold to create an elegant look. You can even use it as an accent nail to create a sparkle and shine that looks like a winter ice storm.

Silver Lamé - Dazzle Dry nail lacquer

Holiday Nail Trends

Now that we have considered some popular colors you can use along with a few designs you can make with each color option, let’s consider some holiday nail trends you might want to embrace this year:

  • Glitter Holiday Nails: Glitter and sparkle are everywhere during the holidays and if you love this, why not incorporate it into your nail design with this trend? Instead of painting glitter on your entire nail, use it sparingly as an accent to create depth and interest. You can use gold, green, red, silver, and more to create this look.
  • Candy Cane: Another trend for the holidays is to incorporate the white and red of candy canes into your nail design. A professional can do this by making neat lines, or you can use stickers over a base color of either red or white. You can even do red on white or white on red polka dots if you can’t quite master the lines!
  • Snow: As a nod to the frigid holiday weather, snow is always a popular nail trend this time of year. You can create snowflakes, use glitter to create a feel of snow or ice, as mentioned above, or simply use the silver and white colors as a way to pay homage to a wintry scene.
  • Elegant: Holidays present a time in which you find yourself at parties and needing to look your best. To create an elegant party look, opt for the French tip trend. Use red accents or other holiday colors to embrace the elegance of the design while pairing it with the holidays. If you want to try something a bit different, opt for gold or black accents as an elegant way to dress up the nail while using something other than the traditional red and green.

Nail Design Tips

For any design you try, the most important factor is the nail polish that you are using. Having a high-quality product and nail system like Dazzle Dry will ensure that your nails look their best, no matter what design trend you try. It will also mean that you get longer to enjoy the nails as the lacquer is durable and long-lasting. In addition to this, keeping your nails as healthy as possible will also give you more freedom when it comes to creating the most festive holiday looks.