How To Bring Your Old Dazzle Dry Lacquers Back To Life

Using Dazzle Dry Revive

The enduring beauty of Dazzle Dry lacquers includes its rich colors, its durability, and its quick-drying capability. This makes Dazzle Dry a favorite of both nail professionals and manicure novices who love to create their own looks at home. While the quick-drying nature of the polish lacquers and top coats will eventually lead them to thicken and eventually become unusable, the Revive product will effortlessly restore the proper consistency and allow you to use each and every drop of your beloved lacquer.

Why Old Nail Lacquers Lose Their Luster

There are several reasons that lacquer can lose its luster over time. This can include when the lacquer is exposed to sunlight and air and also simply natural evaporation and thickening due to the formulaic makeup of the polish. This can cause separation and clumping which can negatively impact the way the lacquer goes on and its texture, making it difficult to create a smooth look.

Dazzle Dry Revive: The Solution

Thankfully, Dazzle Dry has a solution for the problem of lackluster lacquer, that being its innovative Dazzle Dry Revive system for top coats and nail lacquer. This signature formula effectively and effortlessly restores the consistency of either a nail lacquer or top coast, allowing you to “revive” any polish.

Benefits of Using Revive

As mentioned above, Revive can help you restore the life in old polishes, which can be very beneficial for the following reasons:

  • Prolongs the life of old lacquers: This means that you can get more uses out of a beloved color and ensure that you can use every last drop. In essence, you are protecting your investment in Dazzle Dry products by using the Revive solution.
  • Enhances the color vibrancy: As polishes age and are exposed to air, the color that was once brilliant and vibrant can dull, leading to a lackluster look. Revive will restore the sizzle to the color and ensure a vibrant application.
  • Restores consistency: It is very difficult to apply nail polish neatly and evenly if it is thick, dried out, or clumped up. Revive will ensure it is the right consistency for optimal application.

The Step-by-Step Revival Process

Now that you know the many benefits of this system and how it can give new life to beloved Dazzle Dry products, begin the process of using this solution by following the step-by-step Revival process listed below:

  1. Gather all the Dazzle Dry lacquers you want to treat with the Revive solution.
  2. Prepare your workspace.
  3. Add the Revive product to old lacquer. Add about 6-8 drops at a time. Start lower and add drops as needed to obtain the desired consistency. You can always add more, so make sure that you add sparingly.
  4. For polish, shake it well, for the top coat, roll it to mix. This will combine the Revive product with the Dazzle Dry polish or top coat, restoring it to its previous consistency and color vibrancy. (Do not add Revive to base coat as it will ruin the product)
  5. Make sure you store the revitalized lacquers well and that the lid to the Revive product is stored properly with the cap tightly screwed. Don’t store the Revive product with the dropper inserted as it will allow too much of the product to evaporate.

Tips and Tricks for Optimal Revival

To get the most out of your Dazzle Dry products, keep the following tips and tricks in mind:

  • Store Dazzle Dry lacquers properly. This means ensuring they are closed up properly and that they are not left in the sunlight or unnecessarily exposed to temperature extremes.
  • Also when using Dazzle Dry products, limit the amount of time the polish is without a cap as much as possible to prevent evaporation.
  • Customize lacquer shades by utilizing the Revive solution to impact the color viscosity.

Testimonials and Success Stories

The following are just a few of the many success stories showcasing real-life reviews of Revive:

“Can’t do this system without Revive. Love it!”

“A necessity for keeping the perfect viscosity of my dazzle dry products.”

“This product really helps loosen up polish that’s gotten a little gunky. It’s easy to use and works right away to make polish last longer.”

“Revive works great to make the polish smooth again!”

“Revive is necessary if you have polish that is a little older. The polish will eventually get thick and goopy, once you add revive, it’s like brand new again.”

Video Tutorial For Visual Learners

If reading how to complete the Revive solution process doesn’t answer all your questions, feel free to check out the Dazzle Dry Revive and Transform Tutorial to see visually exactly how to use this product.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some of the most frequently asked questions on how to revive nail polish with this system:

  • How much is too much as far as adding Revive?
    The frequency you add Revive is up to you. There is no hard and fast rule indicating how many times you should use this product on an average bottle of polish.
  • How do you know it’s time for Revive?
    If you notice your polish is thickening too much and that applying it smoothly is becoming impossible due to bubbling or spider webbing, this is an indicator it’s time to use Revive.
  • Is it normal for lacquer or top coats to thicken?
    Yes, this is normal, especially for a product that is designed to dry extremely quickly. It will thicken over time, so Revive is a key component of the Dazzle Dry system.
  • What happens if you add Revive to the base coat?
    It will ruin the product. Revive is only for the lacquer top coats and polish.

Revive Will Ensure You Get The Most Out of Your Nail Lacquer

An investment in Dazzle Dry lacquer is one out of which you want to gain the most longevity. Thankfully, the Revive solution will help you get more out of each bottle of polish and overall investment while ensuring your color stays vibrant and your application smooth. Thankfully, Revive along with the entire Dazzle Dry line is happy to offer responsible products that are sustainable, safe, and environmentally friendly.