Manicure Inspo for Your Summer Vacay

Manicure Inspo for Your Summer Vacay

Summer presents an abundance of opportunities and excuses to explore interesting manicures, none so much as summer vacay. From bold colors like Poppy Poison and Carnival Coral to interesting designs, and aqua-inspired colors like Ocean Motion and Mythic Teal, summer is the time for awesome summer manicure ideas. To inspire you for your next vacay look, consider these vacation manicure inspirations for your upcoming summer vacay look from Dazzle Dry:


Swirl Nail Design

Swirl nails are an understated way to utilize several beautiful colors without them seeming overwhelming. Begin with a nude base and then add swirls of color in bolder shades. The Waltz With Me, which is a bright avocado color from Dazzle Dry, is one option that will stand out on a summer nail swirl design. You can also use blues, pinks, or silvers, really anything works for a swirl look, just have fun!


Fruit Nail Design

For some reason, perhaps because luscious fruits go perfectly with summer vibes, fruits are the perfect icon for nails to create a summer vacay look. Strawberries, cherries, watermelon, and more make the perfect add-ons to a beautiful base, perhaps done in the Sentimental color by Dazzle Dry. This shade is an oatmeal nude with gray undertones, which makes it ideal for a base color that you build a design over top.


Neon Nail Design

If there is ever a time that neon colors work for your manicure, it's during the summer for vacay. The Sahara is the perfect shade by Dazzle Dry to try for this look. Although it is a warm lemon yellow, it is bold enough to look neon on the nail. You can either achieve this look by painting the whole nail a bold, neon color or you can do a neutral or nude base color and use the neon as accents. You can even use bold somewhat neon colors to achieve a tie-dye look.


Marble Nail Design

Although this look is popular all year long and can be worn even when not on a summer vacay, you can incorporate pastel colors like the First Hello by Dazzle Dry or even neons to ensure your nails look perfect for a beach vacay or any other type of destination. Instead of going for the traditional marble look with grays and whites, incorporate bolder colors or pastels that work well with a summer look.


Pastel nail design

Although this look doesn’t include intricate designs, pastels on each finger can still be an excellent look for a summer vacay. Use any of the bold, neon, or pastel colors and do one nail in a different color to create a rainbow look. Each nail will be painted in its entirety in one color. However, when you use bold colors, like Pistachio, Checkmate, Faith, and Livin' La Vida Yoga,
this creates a beautiful look that is ideal for a summer getaway.


Floral nail design

Another look that works well several times of year is florals. You can do this look during spring, but by using the right kind of floral design, it can also look great for summer. Try a hot pink flower, a sunflower, orange flowers, or daisies to create this fun, summer look. Use Dazzle Dry’s Pawn, Pedal to the Metal Pink, Raspberry Rush, and Rebel to accomplish your flowery look.


Sweets nail design

There is no better time to turn your nails into a fun dessert favorite than summer. After all, ice cream is the perfect treat to enjoy on a hot summer day. You can incorporate Dazzle Dry’s Fame, Moon Age, Tweet Me, or Sahara to create strawberry shortcake and other favorites if ice cream isn’t your jam. Either way, sweets are an ideal look for summer.


Ombre nail design

This design works beautifully with pastel colors and with bold colors fading into a nude background. It almost gives the illusion of a sunset or an ocean shore with the water receding from the shoreline. You can achieve this look with blues, paying homage to the waters of summer, or can opt for pinks, yellows, greens, or more. Try the following Dazzle Dry colors that work well with an ombre design and summer is the time to experiment with a bolder look: Spearmint Tea, Ready. Set. Pose., Week in Provence, and Girlishly Giddy.

Showcase Your Summer Nails

Suffice it to say that whatever look you choose to try, summer is the time for experimentation. Bold colors, pastels, unique patterns, fun icons, and even tie-dye work well as summer manicure ideas. Of course, you can also do a subtle look and let your clothing, hair, or other accessories make a statement, or try several designs throughout the season. Remember to use Dazzle Dry to get the most out of each look and ensure your design lasts through vacay!