Nail Care 101: Tips of the Trade

Tips of the Nail Care Trade


When it comes to nail care, we don’t believe in seasons. That’s partly because we live in the Phoenix desert but mostly because the key to good nail care is a consistent routine. Forget jumping from product to product and taking notice only when your nails show signs of distress. Here are 4 industry tips for taking proper care of your nails all year round.


1. Lotion isn’t just for winter.

In fact, when my clients regularly apply an effective moisturizer like Dazzle Dry Renew throughout the year, they find that their skin no longer cracks in the winter months. (Hello, preventative care!) This spa favorite is formulated with fruit acids and 11 essential oils to remove dead surface skin cells, deliver deep hydration and ultimately soften existing calluses.


2. Oils are your best friend.

Do you frequently use long-wear polish? Apply oil. Do you get gels or acrylics? Apply oil. Did you suffer some seriously aggressive cuticle removal or a severely bent nail? APPLY OIL. Nail and cuticle oil is my universal solution to restoring the health of distressed nails. We specifically love Dazzle Dry Mend Oil because it uses a proprietary blend of essential oils, ceramides and phospholipids to restore proper hydration and create a protective barrier to seal in moisture. It will literally transform damaged nails and help remove those pesky white spots on the natural nail.


3. Socks, socks, socks.

They may not be the biggest fashion statement of the year but they can make a big difference when it comes to keeping your feet baby soft. Socks keep the moisture in your skin from escaping, therefore keeping the skin supple and less prone to calluses. For an extra nourishing treatment while you sleep, apply Dazzle Dry Shea Butter Cream before putting on your socks.


4. Treat your nails between salon visits.

And we’re back to oils again. Because what can’t they do? The best way to keep nails nourished between manicures is to regularly apply nail and cuticle oil. Our personal favorite for maintaining healthy nails is Dazzle Dry’s aptly named Maintain Nail & Cuticle Oil. Unlike traditional lotions, which have a molecular structure that’s too large to truly penetrate the nail plate or the surrounding skin, Maintain is able to deeply condition all those areas, preventing roughness and hangnails between salon visits.


Add these simple steps to your regular nail routine and I guarantee you’ll see the results.