Perfect Nails for Your New Year Party

Perfect Nails For Your New Year Party


The new year is the perfect time to bid farewell to the old and start your life afresh. To end the year on a high note and begin the new year with a dazzling style, here are some exciting new years nail ideas you can try to make your New Year’s Eve party truly memorable.


glitter new year nails


Glitter is one of the popular choices to sparkle your way to the New Year party. Make your New Years' Eve nails stand out, or go for a classy subtle finish. For example, try a base coat of a neutral color — like peach or maroon, and put a top coat using a glitter polish — like Diamond, to get sparkling nails.


stars new year nails


Make your New Year’s night celebration a starry affair by putting some well-placed stars on your nails. You can use a combination of colors to get the look or a single color over nude nail polish to make your nails stand out.


For example, use nude nail polish as your background color and draw some well-placed stars over it in a shimmery purple color Sonoran Glory to get the starry effect.


confetti new year nails


If you prefer the nude nail look but want a bit of sparkle to spice things up, create a confetti effect by lightly brushing some glitter over your nail polish.

Metallics (silver, copper, chrome)

metallic new year nails


If you want to know what is a good nail color for New Year, metallic surely fits the bill. Try metallic nail polishes in silver, copper, or chrome shades to get gorgeous shiny nails.

Black and Gold

black and gold new year nails


Combining black and gold can make your nails look super glam. If you want sparkling nails, try a base coat of black while brushing a shimmery gold polish of Lunar Love over it. To get a subtle but glamorous look, create gold bands, stars, or other designs over black polish to make your nails stand out.


fireworks new year nails


Use a sparkling color as Cold As Ice to bring in the new year with a burst of fireworks. Use it over a nude or contrasting base color to bring out the shimmer.

Wine/Champagne Glasses

wine/champagne glass new year nails


If you know how to draw on nails, this design is super easy to create and will give your nails a unique look.

Bright Multi-Colors

bright multi-color new year nails


Try using multiple bright colors on your nails to celebrate New Year festivities with a burst of colors. You can use neutral new year nail colors to give an understated look or go bold and glossy using bright contrasting colors.


 ombre new year nails


To create eye-catching ombre nails, use a lighter base color and your preferred shades on the top.

French Manicure

french manicure new year nails


Try the classic French manicure to create an understated, timeless look.


two-tone new year nails


You can use two contrasting colors, creating a two-tone nail look that makes your nails stand out.


matte new year nails


If you are tired of the glossy look, try the matte effect using matt nail polishes in a single or combination of colors.


marble new year nails


Mix shimmer and white polish to create a marble effect on your nails to spend December 31 in style.



With Dazzle Dry nail polishes, you can create nail designs in five minutes while experiencing healthy and fabulous nails to liven up your New Year’s Eve party. With these exciting nail designs, you can surely look forward to having a dazzling party on the last day of the year.


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