What Are Natural Nail Services Really?

natural nails

We hear it all the time. Nail techs and salons claim that they only do natural nails. But if you dig a little deeper, you’ll often find that they still use UV gel polishes or dip systems – and there’s nothing natural about that.

Beginning of Nail Polish Alternatives

To help you understand why salons turn to these artificial nail services, let’s give you a little backstory. Before the 1960s, traditional polish applied directly to bare nails was the only salon option. Sure, it allowed for more natural nails, but the polishes took a long time to dry and chipped within a few days.

Thus, the nail care industry set to work on developing more convenient alternatives to traditional polish: acrylic nail enhancements, UV gels, UV gel polish, colored acrylics, dips. While all of these synthetic chemical formulations offer solutions to the duration and dry time of a manicure, they could also create long-term problems – problems like contact dermatitis from reactive ingredients, unhealthy and repeated UV exposure to the skin, and damage to the natural nail plate due to the fact that they cannot be removed with a gentle application of nail polish remover.

The NEW Alternative to Traditional Nail Polish

Of course, that’s not to say you can’t get quick-drying, long-lasting nails in a natural way. Dazzle Dry works like a traditional polish. It’s painted onto the natural nail plate without the need for curing and it removes simply by wiping with an acetone or non-acetone polish remover.

However, unlike traditional polish, Dazzle Dry uses cellulose acetate butyrate as the primary film former instead of nitrocellulose. And Dazzle Dry delivers advanced performance, drying in just five minutes (traditional polish can take up to 60 minutes to be truly hard set) with chip-free wear for up to 2 weeks.

In other words, Dazzle Dry performs as well as its artificial competitors without compromising the integrity of the natural nail. So, the next time you find yourself at a salon that boasts “natural” nail care services, consider the process behind it. If it takes more than a simple wipe of nail polish remover to take off your manicure, chances are there’s nothing natural about it.