Why You Should Think Twice About Powder Dip Manicures

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For as long as people have been painting their nails, manufacturers have been looking for ways to make polishes dry faster and last longer. Hence, the wide popularity of UV-cured gel and powder dip manicures. But while a number of people seem to be under the assumption that powder dip manicures are a more natural alternative to the UV-cured gel process, nail technicians and their clients are gradually learning the ugly truth: they’re not.

What are "reactive ingredients"?

In fact, just like UV-cured gels, the powder dip process utilizes reactive ingredients, which are unstable substances that react with other substances, in order to form an entirely new substance (A + B = C). Reactive ingredients — such as acrylic and methacrylic monomers, dimers and oligomers – are essentially what cause the immediate results touted by UV-cured gels and powder dip systems.

Skin sensitizers

They’re also, unfortunately, known skin sensitizers. A skin sensitizer is any chemical that can cause an allergic reaction in normal skin tissue after repeated or prolonged exposure. The resulting condition is sometimes called chemical hypersensitivity, and it can lead to long-term health issues.


While there is no definitive way to predict if or when a person will experience an allergic reaction to these known skin sensitizers, once sensitized, he or she will continue to react adversely whenever they encounter the substance, and each subsequent reaction could be more severe than the previous one.

How do powder dip manicures work?

Take powder dip manicures for example. This two-part system requires the repeated process of painting nails with liquid or gel cyanoacrylate and then dipping them in acrylic powder.


As if the cyanoacrylate being listed as a chemical allergen by the Safety Data Sheet wasn’t bad enough, the acrylic powder in this two-step system comes with its own suspicious substances.


Acrylic powder contains benzoyl peroxide as well as acrylic ester polymer, which is created through that same process of using reactive ingredients. If however, there is any residual reactive chemicals from the production of the acrylic powder, that means your nails are being exposed to those skin-sensitizing chemicals every time they are dipped into it.


>Yikes! Fortunately, there is a safer alternative to UV-cured gels and dip powder systems.

Dazzle Dry Nail System is designed for sensitive skin

Dazzle Dry is free from reactive ingredients but is still formulated to dry completely in just five minutes. It is a high-performance, hypoallergenic nail care system designed for those with even the most sensitive skin in mind.   As a lifelong chemist and a cosmetics enthusiast, I truly believe that you shouldn’t have to compromise your health for beauty. That’s why I encourage you to give Dazzle Dry a try and see what nontoxic nail care really looks like.