Frequently Asked Questions

Get the details on all things Dazzle Dry

Is Dazzle Dry a gel?

Good question! And it’s a tricky one. The technical definition of a gel is a mixture of a polymer and liquid which holds its shape when applied to a surface. The layman’s perception of a nail gel is a solvent-free formulation that contains reactive ingredients to allow the product to set or cure after its application on the nail by exposing it to UV/LED light, heat, or by spraying on an activator. Therefore, Dazzle Dry is technically a gel but not in the layman’s sense because it does not contain reactive ingredients.

Can Dazzle Dry only be applied on natural nails?

Dazzle Dry is scientifically engineered for use on natural nails.

Can I use other polish with the Dazzle Dry System?

We do not recommend substituting other brands for any of the components of the Dazzle Dry system. The components of the Dazzle Dry system were optimized to work together to provide the solution to problems inherent in traditional nail polish.

Can I use another Nail Prep, Base Coat or Top Coat with the line?

No, all the components of Dazzle Dry System are designed to synergistically work together for optimal results.

What makes the Nail Prep different?

The Dazzle Dry Nail Prep is the only nail prep that contains Calcium, proVitamin B5, and hydrolyzed protein dissolved in a mixture of alcohols and ethyl acetate.

What makes the Base Coat different?

The Dazzle Dry Base Coat is the only water-based base coat using a proprietary rubbery polymer to impart the longest chip-free wear to a nail polish.

What makes the Top Coat different?

The Dazzle Dry Top Coat is the fastest air-drying top coat on the market today.

Does Dazzle Dry require a light for curing?

Light, lamps, drying drops, and drying sprays are not needed or recommended.

Why did my polish chip faster than usual?

When a Dazzle Dry polish chips faster than normal, the reason is almost always due to improper application. Please review our detailed instructions and tips for Dazzle Dry application.

Why is the Base Coat foggy?

When the Dazzle Dry Base Coat is exposed to a temperature below 70 degrees F, the polymer molecules aggregate or fold and become opaque. Heat will separate or unfold these molecules. Do not use the Base Coat when it is foggy. Warm up the tightly capped bottle of Base Coat in a dish of hot water to make it clear again.

What happens if I only apply one coat of Base Coat?

For some, one coat of Base Coat may be sufficient to get at least one week of wear. The second coat is an insurance.

What happens if I don't use the Nail Prep?

You may experience polish lift or have residual Base Coat. The latter could prevent you from getting the full nail-strengthening benefits of Calcium, proVitamin B5, and hydrolyzed protein.

Why is the Lacquer or Top Coat getting thick?

Every time a bottle of Lacquer or Top Coat is open, solvents escape from the formulation by evaporation. The solvents are what keeps the solid components suspended and the product liquid. When there is less solvent, the product becomes thicker. If the bottles are left open for a long time, eventually all of the solvents will escape and the product will become solid.

Can I use other thinners on Dazzle Dry Lacquers and Top Coat?

No! The Dazzle Dry Revive was designed to replace the solvents that escaped while the bottle of Dazzle Dry Nail Lacquer or Top Coat is open. Other thinners may not have the same mixture of solvents and may have ingredients that are not compatible with the Dazzle Dry system.  Dazzle Dry Revive is designed to reconstitute the viscosity without impacting the efficacy or diluting the pigment.

Why is the polish streaking when I apply it?

Not enough or too much polish on the brush. If streaks do form especially with the first layer of color, do not over brush. Compensate for it with the second layer of color. Use less pressure on your brush to prevent streaking.  With minor streaks, the Dazzle Dry Top Coat will smooth them out.

What do I do if my manicure is dulling but not chipping?

Wash your hands to remove any oil, lotion or other contaminants.  Apply a layer of Dazzle Dry Base Coat over the existing manicure, let it dry matte and then apply a layer of Dazzle Dry Top Coat. This will restore the high gloss shine without causing the polish to lift.

How can I touch up a Dazzle Dry manicure?

To restore the look of a fresh manicure after the color has rubbed off at the tips, lightly wipe the surface with Nail Prep. Apply Base Coat. Let it dry matte. Apply Nail Lacquer. Apply Top Coat.

Is Dazzle Dry organic?

If we’re talking chemistry, all nail polish is organic because it’s based on the elements carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. But as far as human consumption is concerned, no nail polish brands are organic because they are derived from petrochemicals, not from farming.

Short answer: yes and no. And please don’t eat it.

How can I avoid shipping costs?

Due to shipping restrictions on nail polish and other flammable substances, we are required to charge slightly more for shipping. This is something we are working on and hope to find an alternative solution in the near future. To help reduce costs, we always offer free shipping for orders of $50+ as well as 20% off for first-time orders.

What causes shrinkage?

Shrinkage at the free edge and around the cuticle can be caused by a few factors. 1.) Lacquer and Top Coat are too thick during application. Add 6-8 drops of Revive to restore consistency. 2). Oil or lotion has been left on the nail plate or surrounding area. Be sure to scrub each nail thoroughly with Nail Prep before applying Base Coat. 3). Excessive cuticle tissue.

Why is my color starting to fade?

Since Dazzle Dry does not contain some chemical preservatives that other polishes use to hold color, some of our polishes have been known to fade after extended wear or incorrect storage. We suggest that you never store in direct sunlight or extreme temperatures. For an easy touch up of color and shine, apply a fresh layer of Lacquer on top of your manicure, allow it to dry matte and follow with a layer of Top Coat.

What if I chip my nail?

If there is a chip, wipe the chipped area with Nail Prep, apply a layer of Base Coat, allowing it to dry matte and follow with a dab of nail lacquer on the chipped area. Allow the lacquer to dry matte and then apply a layer of Top Coat to the whole nail.

Why are some of my lacquers bleaching?

Because we don’t use the synthetic ingredients, some of lighter/brighter colors (mostly pinks) that have a higher percentage of white pigment may bleach out when exposed to light, chlorine, saltwater or sunscreen. You can minimize color bleaching by 1. storing lacquers away from direct sunlight and 2. applying a double layer of Top Coat for added UV protection.

Why is my white lacquer separating?

We avoid the common pigment stabilizers and plasticizers used in other nail polishes. This allows our products to be much safer. However, when left unshaken for extended periods of time, the white pigment may separate and adhere to the bottle. Vigorously shake the bottle to re-disperse the pigment.