Frequently Asked Questions

Get the details on all things Dazzle Dry

Who is the creator of the Dazzle Dry system?

Dr. Vivian Valenty is the creator and manufacturer of Dazzle Dry under VB Cosmetics.

Where is Dazzle Dry manufactured?

Dazzle Dry is manufactured in Chandler, Arizona.

What is Dazzle Dry?

Dazzle Dry is a unique and proprietary four-step system backed up by 30+ years of research and development and is considered a healthy gel alternative. It is Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Hypoallergenic, Non-toxic, Non-yellowing, Quick drying (air-dries in 5 min without the use of reactive chemicals), Fortifying, Long-wearing delivering a 7-14 day chip-free wear and removes with regular acetone/non-acetone nail polish remover. Does not contain reactive ingredients, monomers and photo initiators that may cause allergic reactions and skin sensitivities. The system is the cleanest of all solvent-based polishes/lacquers on the market today.

What are DD’s brand responsibility initiatives?

To help stop global warming, we partnered with WeForest in reforestation efforts. For every retail order placed on dazzledry.com, we plant one tree. In just two years, we have planted about 140,000+ trees and counting. Our goal is to plant 2 million trees within 10 years. The accumulation of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is one of the main causes of global warming. Trees remove excess carbon dioxide from the air and emit oxygen that humans need to survive. We chose WeForest because along with planting trees, they teach the inhabitants of the reforestation areas on forest management and sustainable means of making a living so that they do not cut down the trees for use as firewood.

  • We use boxes and packing materials made with recycled kraft paper and boxes made with molded pulp will soon replace plastic bubble wrap.
  • As soon as we realized the importance of hand sanitizing to prevent Covid infection and scarcity of supply, we pivoted a portion of our manufacturing to producing the FDA approved hand sanitizer. Our total production is donated to the Salvation Army which distributes it to the front liners in the City of Chandler, State of Arizona and Navajo Nation. We will continue doing this until the pandemic is over.
  • We believe that a good education for all is an effective way to bring social equality. Therefore, we also donate to non-profits with education as part of their platform such as Girls Opportunity Alliance, Black Girls Code and A Call to Men. (Dazzle Dry’s Founder and President, Dr. Vivian B. Valenty ascribe her life’s accomplishments to her education.)

Is Dazzle Dry a traditional polish, gel or hybrid?

None of the above! Dazzle Dry is the only system of its kind delivering the high performance of a gel polish without the use of harsh chemicals, UV light, or damage to the natural nail; all while protecting and strengthening the nail over time. DD represents the best of all worlds because of our unique technology. Dazzle Dry is in a category all by itself due to the chemical composition being completely different from any other polish/lacquer on the market today. Dazzle Dry is lacquer reinvented.

Do I have to use all the system components to achieve the benefits and results that are claimed?

Yes. Dazzle Dry is a simple system, and all the components are scientifically engineered to function as a system. Do not separate the components or use any other products when applying Dazzle Dry as the components are designed to synergistically work together.

Is Dazzle Dry vegan?

Yes, Dazzle Dry is vegan; we do not use any animal byproducts, no pigments from crushed beetles (carmine) or fish scales (guanine) that are found in other cosmetics. We use only FDA-approved pigments and mineral pigments for our iridescent and opalescent lacquers.

Is Dazzle Dry tested on animals?

No, Dazzle Dry does not test on animals. We are cruelty free.

Is Dazzle Dry hypoallergenic?

Yes, Dazzle Dry is hypoallergenic. It does not contain reactive ingredients known to cause allergic reactions. Dazzle Dry does not contain any of the plasticizers or ingredients found in traditional, gel, or hybrid polishes that can cause skin sensitization and/or contact allergic dermatitis. We have received many reports from customers who are allergic to other polishes and are able to wear Dazzle Dry without any issues. Always check with your doctor first to be sure.

Is Dazzle Dry non-toxic?

Yes, Dazzle Dry as a nail polish is nontoxic, free of harmful, carcinogenic, and endocrine disrupting ingredients including formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, DBP, camphor, nitrocellulose, TPHP and many more. DD is the cleanest of all solvent based polishes on the market today and is safe for all in its intended use.

Is Dazzle Dry a 4, 6, 8, or 10 free lacquer?

We do not subscribe to these “XX-Free” claims as these are often falsified, fear-based marketing claims that can be misleading to the consumer. Some companies list ingredients in their XX-Free claim that are not and never used in nail polishes just to have a higher number of free from claim. A part of our rigorous manufacturing process is to test raw materials before they are used in production, to ensure that the chemicals we claim Dazzle Dry to be free of are not detectable when we analyze them using our state-of-the-art analytical equipment.

Is Dazzle Dry organic / natural?

No, Dazzle Dry is not organic or natural, there is no such thing as an organic or natural nail lacquer/polish.

Is there an expiration date for Dazzle Dry’s lacquer system?

Dazzle Dry’s lacquer system components do not expire if well maintained.

Will Dazzle Dry turn my nails yellow?

No, Dazzle Dry’s entire system does not contain nitrocellulose and therefore will not turn your nails yellow.

What is nitrocellulose?

Nitrocellulose is a highly flammable polymer material used in making guncotton and films for cinema and x-rays in the 19th century. As the primary film former in regular nail polish, it creates a hard, shiny surface. It is not stable and one of its decomposition products causes the yellowing of the natural nail plate.

How is Dazzle Dry removed?

Dazzle Dry can safely and easily be removed with acetone or non-acetone polish remover. No soaking, scraping, or filing needed. We suggest using Dazzle Dry Remove Acetone with Lemongrass + Clove Oils or Dazzle Dry Remove Non-Acetone with Eucalyptus + Spearmint Oils for best results.

What happens if there is residual Base Coat on the nail plate after I remove the Lacquer with polish remover?

When you see a faint tint of the Lacquer color on the nail after old polish removal, this is most likely residual Base Coat. Use cotton saturated in Step #1 Nail Prep to remove the residual Base Coat layer on the natural nail plate. If the color persists after scrubbing with Nail Prep, then it must be staining from the specific pigment used in the Lacquer. Let us know if this happens.

How long will it take my Dazzle Dry manicure/pedicure to dry?

Dazzle Dry air dries in 5 minutes.

Can I use a fan, UV/LED light, drying drops/sprays to accelerate the dry time?

No, it is not necessary. Dazzle Dry will air dry in 5 minutes. Fans, UV/ LED lights and drying drops/sprays can cause rippling or wrinkling. Avoid the common practice of blowing on the nails as the moisture from your mouth can condense on the surface and result in a foggy polish surface.

How long should my Dazzle Dry manicure/pedicure last?

If proper instructions are followed, a Dazzle Dry manicure can last 7-14 days chip-free on hands and a month or longer on toes. Individual experiences will vary depending on lifestyle and how you use your nails. Dazzle Dry is known to last longer than 2 weeks, but we recommend that you remove it at 2 weeks for a fresh manicure and apply oil to your cuticles & nail plate such as DD Mend or Maintain nail and cuticle oil for healthier nails.

What makes DD’s Nail Prep different from other nail cleansing products?

DD Nail Prep is designed to cleanse, sanitize, and moisturize the nail while preparing it for optimum nail lacquer adhesion. Most nail preps are made with pure acetone or alcohol and are designed to dehydrate the nail. Dazzle Dry Nail Prep does not contain any acetone and is infused with Pro Vitamin B5, Calcium and Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein to strengthen nails. Nail Prep does not contain formaldehyde, which is the commonly used nail hardener.

Is Dazzle Dry Nail Prep gluten-free?

We are unsure of this. The wheat protein is in its non-gluten state, but we cannot say it is “gluten-free”. Always seek advice from your physician if you have any concerns.

How long will it take to see a difference in nail strength after starting DD?

Most people experience a noticeable difference in their nail strength only after one use. The more often you use Dazzle Dry exclusively, the healthier your nails become. You will also notice the absence of that achy feeling which most experience when they take off their traditional polish.

Can I use alcohol/acetone to prep the nail in place of/before Nail Prep?

Never use acetone or alcohol to remove oil and lotion off the nail plate as this OVER-dehydrates the nail and can adversely impact adhesion and the health of the nail plate.

I use cuticle/nail oil and lotion before polishing, will Dazzle Dry Nail Prep alone remove the surface oil/lotion left on my nail plate?

For best results, we recommend using a clean nail brush with a liquid soap that does not contain any moisturizers to scrub each nail with soap and water prior to using Nail Prep. Be sure to form a lather to remove all excess oil/lotion from the nail, rinse fingertips in water to remove the suds, pat the nails dry with a clean towel and then proceed with Dazzle Dry Nail Prep #1.

Can I apply Nail Prep with a brush?

No, Nail Prep is not designed to be applied with a cosmetic or clean-up brush. It is designed to thoroughly cleanse the nails using lint-free wipes to ensure all contaminants have been removed prior to applying Base Coat.

What makes Dazzle Dry Base Coat different from other base coats?

Dazzle Dry Base Coat is the only water-based base coat that uses a proprietary rubbery flexible polymer to impart a long chip-free wear. Only Dazzle Dry Base Coat allows a manicure to flexibly bend, expand and contract with the natural nail, making it safe for water manicures or exposure to water. The reason for this is because nails are porous just like our skin and hair. So, when we wash our hands, wash dishes, take a shower, etc., our nails absorb water, and they expand. When they dry, they contract. This motion occurs with our nails all day long. With all this expansion and retraction, traditional nail polish develops micro-fractures which lead to chipping and peeling.

Why do I need 2 layers of Base Coat?

In short, the answer is your Lacquer will last longer. The extra layer of Base Coat allows for a more flexible coating so that the Lacquer may expand and contract with water absorption of the nails. Think of it as the Lacquer going along for the ride in tandem with your natural nails. We find that 1 layer of Base Coat is adequate for toenails as they are not exposed to water as often as your hands.

My Base Coat is cloudy/solid; is it defective?

No, this is a normal occurrence with the Base Coat. The cloudiness occurs whenever the temperature drops below 70 degrees and the rubbery polymer begins to solidify into a gel-like substance. This is not a defect; it is by design. DO NOT USE the Base Coat unless it is in its clear state.

How do I turn a cloudy/solid bottle of Base Coat clear?

When cold temperatures cause the Base Coat to become cloudy or even solid, close the cap tight and stand it in 1 inch of hot water until it is completely clear and no longer cloudy. DO NOT allow water to get past the shoulder of the bottle, DO NOT submerge bottle under water or hold it under a running faucet. If Base Coat becomes contaminated with water, it must be discarded.

Can I use my Base Coat when its cloudy/hazy/solid?

No, using the Base Coat when it is NOT in its crystal-clear state, will lead to premature chipping and peeling. Base Coat must be used in its clear state to achieve the results we claim.

Do I have to use the Base Coat while it is HOT?

No, the goal is not to use the Base Coat hot; it is to use it in its clear state.

What causes contamination of Base Coat?

  • Not allowing each layer to dry matte prior to applying the next layer can cause dragging of semi-wet rubbery Base Coat onto the brush, therefore transferring it and contaminating the product in the bottle.
  • When the neck of the Base Coat bottles become crusty, you cannot achieve an airtight seal.
  • Then when bottle is placed in hot water you risk water entering the bottle especially if water gets past the shoulder, therefore contaminating the contents. This can lead to premature chipping and/or other issues.
  • Keep necks of bottles clean using a lint-free wipe saturated with pure acetone, being cautious to not drip acetone into the bottle when cleaning the necks.
  • If oil and lotion are not properly removed with Step #1 Nail Prep prior to Base Coat application, your brush will become contaminated with oil/lotion and transfer into the bottle. Therefore, ruining the Base Coat.
  • Never add Revive to Base Coat as it will ruin the bottle, and must be discarded.

How to identify contaminated bottles of Base Coat?

  • If Base Coat bottle seems gooey, snotty, slimy or will not stay clear after putting in hot water, this is indicative of contamination.
  • If Base Coat contains floating particulates, it is contaminated.

How to remedy contaminated bottles of Base Coat?

Contaminated bottles of Base Coat cannot be remedied and must be discarded. Continued use of contaminated bottles will cause premature chipping.

How to prevent contamination of Base Coat?

  • Allow each layer of Base Coat to dry well prior to applying next layer to prevent dragging semi-wet rubbery polymers onto the brush.
  • Do NOT allow water to get in the bottle when putting in hot water.
  • Always make sure neck of bottle is cleaned after each use and sealed tightly.
  • Stand bottle in no higher than 1 inch of hot water until it becomes de-clouded.
  • Shake bottle gently to mix de-clouded contents before using.
  • Do not hold bottle under running water.
  • Simply place in 1 inch of hot water for 1-3 minutes until it is clear then shake it gently to mix contents.

Can I use Dazzle Dry Base Coat with other brands of nail polish?

Never use the DD Base Coat with other polishes. It was not designed for them. The DD Base Coat will not prevent those polishes from turning your nails yellow and will contaminate your DD products.

How many lacquer shades does Dazzle Dry have?

Dazzle Dry has 150 colors available in creams, shimmers and glitters that deliver the longest wear available. Dazzle Dry also has 7 Stamping Lacquers that are slower drying to create nail art. Available in black, white, silver, gold, red, blue, and green, Stamping Lacquers dry a bit more slowly so you have more time to work with them.

When does Dazzle Dry come out with new colors?

New colors are released as we become inspired by the current trends.

Will I have to warm up my Dazzle Dry Lacquers?

No, Dazzle Dry Lacquers will never need to be warmed, only the Base Coat when it becomes cloudy, hazy or solid.

Why are my Lacquers separating?

Some of the colors can separate and this is normal behavior for the Dazzle Dry Lacquer. We use mineral pigments which are heavy, so they sink to the bottom and causes separation to occur. Shake up the bottles routinely and prior to each use to re-suspend the pigment.

Why are some of my Dazzle Dry lacquer bottles looking marbled; is the color affected?

Some of the colors have shown marbling over time. When left unshaken the white pigment (titanium dioxide) separates because it is heavy and has stronger affinity to the glass. To prevent this, the colors should be shaken regularly. The color or the efficacy of the lacquer is not affected.

What causes contamination of Dazzle Dry Lacquer?

Not allowing each layer of Base Coat to dry matte prior to applying next layer can cause dragging of semi-wet rubbery Base Coat onto the brush, therefore transferring into the bottle of Lacquer and causing contamination. Applying too much pressure on the brush and over-stroking the layer during Lacquer application will drag the Base Coat also and transfer it into the Lacquer bottle.

How to identify contaminated bottles of Lacquer?

If you pull out the brush and notice that there is a rubbery bounce, slimy and/or snotty texture to the Lacquer, this is indicative of contamination with semi-wet Base Coat.

How to remedy contaminated bottles of Lacquer?

Contaminated bottles of Lacquer cannot be remedied and must be discarded.

How can I prevent contamination of Lacquer?

  • Allow each layer of Base Coat and Lacquer to dry well prior to applying next layer.
  • Tip: the second layer of Base Coat is not quite as “matte” as the first layer and may have more of a sheen. You will notice that it goes from looking wet and watery to dry.
  • Tip: Not all colors dry chalky or matte. Your indication that the Lacquer is dry and ready for the next layer is that it loses the wet and watery appearance.
  • Make sure your Lacquer is reconstituted with Revive prior to application. This will help the Lacquer glide on vs. having to brush over and over. Do not over-brush; instead, use the fewest strokes to cover the nail plate.
  • Do not try to perfect the first layer of Lacquer, it may appear streaky and uneven, but the second layer will cover imperfections.
  • Using other brands of polish will contaminate your Dazzle Dry Top Coat.

What makes Dazzle Dry Top Coat different from other top coats?

Dazzle Dry Top Coat is high-gloss, non-yellowing, quick-drying, long-wearing and self-leveling.

If there are any minor imperfections in the Lacquer application, the Top Coat will self-level and smooth it out.

Is there UV protection in Dazzle Dry Top Coat?

Yes, Dazzle Dry Top Coat contains UV protectant.

Do I have to warm up my Top Coat?

No, DD Top Coat will never need to be warmed, only the Base Coat if it becomes cloudy, hazy, or solid.

What causes contamination of Top Coat?

  • Not allowing each layer of Lacquer to dry prior to applying Top Coat can cause contamination.
  • Using other brands of polish with Top Coat will contaminate your Dazzle Dry Top Coat.
  • Warming the Top Coat in hot water could cause water to get inside the bottle, causing the Top Coat to turn cloudy and should be discarded. The DD Top Coat never needs to be warmed.

How do I identify contaminated bottles of Top Coat?

  • If the Top Coat contains a tint and is not clear, this is indicative of contamination with pigment from the Lacquers.
  • If the Top Coat becomes cloudy, it may have been contaminated with a white pigment or with water.
  • Top Coat should be clear without any color tint.

How do I remedy contaminated bottles of Top Coat?

Replace with a new bottle.

How do I prevent contamination of Top Coat?

  • Allow each layer of Base Coat and Lacquer to dry well prior to applying Top Coat.
  • Apply Top Coat generously to avoid dragging pigment from the Lacquer.
  • Make sure your Top Coat viscosity is reconstituted with Revive prior to application if needed, (do this before starting the manicure to give any bubbles time to disappear). This will help glide on vs having to brush over and over.
  • Never warm your Top Coat, especially do not immerse it in hot water.

Can I use Dazzle Dry Base Coat, Lacquer, or Top Coat with other brands of nail polish?

Never use the DD Base Coat, Lacquer, or Top Coat with other polishes. DD is scientifically engineered to function as a system. If you combine our Base Coat/Lacquer/Top Coat with other brands of nail coatings, we lose the ability to stand behind our claims and you can risk a reaction.

I have air bubbles in my Top Coat/Lacquer; why is this happening?

Your Top Coat/ Lacquer may be too thick. It is easily remedied by adding 6-8 drops of Revive at a time to your Top Coat or Lacquer; roll your Top Coat and shake your Lacquers to mix well for about a minute.

If viscosity is still too thick, add more Revive until desired fluidity is achieved.

Why is it important to keep the neck of the Base Coat, Lacquer and Top Coat bottles clean?

The neck of all the bottles (including Base Coat, Top Coat, and Lacquer) can become dry and crusty due to the fast-drying formulation.

  • Use cotton saturated in acetone to clean the neck of each bottle after every use.
  • Be cautious not to drip acetone into the bottles.
  • By keeping the neck of the Base Coat clean, you can create an airtight seal that will prevent water from seeping in the Base Coat bottle when it is in hot water.
  • Keeping the neck of the Lacquers and Top Coat clean, you can create an airtight seal that will keep the volatile solvents from evaporating.
  • Keeping the neck clean also prevents dried particles of polish from getting on your brush during application.

My Base Coat/Top Coat/Lacquer brushes are getting “gunky”. What should I do?

If your Top Coat and Lacquer brush become clogged, you can clean it with Revive by wiping several times. If your Base Coat brush becomes clogged, you must discard and replace with a new one.

Why do Dazzle Dry Lacquers, Top Coat and Transform get thick so fast?

Dazzle Dry Lacquers, Top Coat and Transform Ridge Filler do not thicken due to oxidation but thicken due to the evaporation of the volatile solvents. When you open a bottle of Lacquer, Top Coat or Transform, volatile solvents evaporate and the contents become thick. We cannot have a Lacquer System that dries in 5 minutes and not expect it to get thick. This is normal behavior for this system and is easily remedied.

What is Revive?

Revive is your best friend and a vital component of the Dazzle Dry System. Revive is not a typical thinner. With routine use of Revive (as needed in Lacquer, Top Coat and Transform ONLY), Dazzle Dry is designed to be used until the end of the bottle to maximize your investment in the Lacquers. Revive is comprised of the same ingredients that are evaporating out of our Lacquer, Top Coat and Transform Ridge Filler. You are not introducing a new ingredient by adding Revive, therefore you are not compromising the formula.

How often/when should I use Revive in my Lacquer and Top Coat?

How often you add Revive will vary with each color, depending on how often it is used and the level of pigment saturation. Once the viscosity becomes too thick and the Lacquer is not fluid smooth and flawless, your Top Coat or Transform develops pesky spider web-like strings or forms air bubbles, that is your indication that you need to add Revive. The goal is to keep the bottles around the same consistency as they were when they were new.

How much Revive can I add to my Lacquer?

  • Start with 6-8 drops at a time and shake the bottle well.
  • If Lacquer is still thicker than desired, repeat the above steps until the desired fluidity is restored.

How much Revive can I add to my Top Coat?

  • Start with 6-8 drops at a time and roll the bottle in one direction for about 1 minute until Revive is well blended. Do not shake the bottle of Top Coat to prevent bubbles from forming.
  • If Top Coat is still thicker than desired, repeat the above steps until the desired fluidity is restored.

How much Revive can I add to Transform Ridge Filler?

  • Start with 6-8 drops at a time and add more until the fluidity is restored.
  • Don’t shake the bottle but instead roll it in one direction for about 1 minute until Revive is well blended.

Can I use Revive in my Base Coat?

No. The Base Coat will NEVER need Revive. In fact, adding Revive to the Base Coat will ruin the formulation and must be discarded.

Can I use other brands of nail polish thinners with DD?

NO, traditional thinners do not have the same composition and adding them to DD will ruin the formulation.

Is there a limit on how much/many times I will add Revive to Lacquer/Top Coat/Transform?

There is no limit to the number of times you can add Revive. These bottles are designed to be used down to the end of the bottle.

Can I add too much Revive to my Lacquers/Top Coat/Transform?

You can over-thin by adding too much Revive at a time but you will not ruin them. That is why we suggest adding 6-8 drops at a time until desired viscosity is achieved. If you accidentally over-thin, leave the cap off for a few minutes until the volatile solvents escape.

Why did my 0.5 oz bottle of Revive dry up?

When storing the 0.5 fl oz bottle of Revive, always remove the dropper cap from the bottle that is included and replace it with the original screw top for an airtight seal to prevent the solvents from evaporating. Store the bottle and the dropper in the same box in the same way the product came in to avoid misplacing the dropper.

What are the proper steps for a successful Dazzle Dry manicure? Step #1 Nail Prep

  • Wash hands with soap and water to remove any contaminants.
  • Saturate 2 lint-free cotton pads (or gauze) well with Step #1 Nail Prep and scrub each nail (pay particular attention to the cuticle area, sidewalls and free edge), removing ALL remnants of oil, lotion, and other contaminants.
  • Use 1 lint-free pad per hand to avoid transfer of oils from one hand to the other, ensuring optimum cleanliness of the nail plate prior to polish application.
  • As you move on to the next nail, rotate your pad to find a clean spot to ensure you are not pushing around oil/ lotion.
  • Do not touch nails once they have been cleansed with the Nail Prep to avoid transfer of oil/lotion onto the nail plate.

Step #2 Base Coat

  • Apply first layer of Base Coat, encapsulate the free edge and allow to dry matte.
  • Repeat the second layer of Base Coat, encapsulate the free edge and allow to dry matte.
  • Don’t apply Base Coat heavily as it can flood the side walls and come in contact with skin, which could lead to premature chipping.
  • Skip encapsulation of the free edge if nails are short.

Step #3 Nail Lacquer

  • The key to applying the DD Lacquer is having more polish on your brush, using minimal pressure on your brush, working more with the tip of the brush, not fanning out the bristles (you are pressing too hard if the bristles are fanned out), and not over-stroking to avoid disrupting the previous layer.
  • Apply the first layer of Nail Lacquer using about a medium consistency, not too thin and not too thick and cap the free edge. Dip the brush in the bottle for each nail and swipe off excess product using the inner neck of the bottle. Allow to dry matte prior to applying the second layer.
  • The second layer may be applied generously. Dip the brush in the bottle for each nail and swipe off excess product using the inner neck of the bottle.
  • Be mindful of not applying too heavily so that the Lacquer does not roll to one side or pool.
  • Encapsulate the free edge of each nail with the Lacquer and allow to dry matte.
  • If you get it on the skin, clean up with pure acetone and a detail brush as you go. Waiting until the end will make it more difficult to clean as it dries so quickly.
  • If nails are short, no need to encapsulate.

Step #4 Top Coat

  • Generously float Top Coat by dipping the brush in the bottle for each nail and swiping off the excess product using the inner neck of the bottle. Use minimal pressure and work with the tip of the brush to glide over and burst any air bubbles that may have formed. Encapsulate the free edge of each nail, sealing in all the layers.
  • Wait 5 minutes and voila – Lacquer is hard set.
  • If nails are short, no need to encapsulate.
  • Do not use drying drops or sprays (drying drops and sprays are an added cost and do not help in drying the layers underneath any polish), or fans (could cause wrinkling) to accelerate dry time. Also avoid blowing on the nails (could make polish foggy).

How long will it take each layer to dry?

All layers dry very quickly. Typically, by the time you complete the 10th nail, the first nail should be dry.

What can I use to clean up Lacquer on my skin when polishing?

Pure acetone is ideal for detailing your manicure with cleanup brush or orange wood stick.

Clean up as you get Lacquer on the skin. Waiting until the end can make it harder to clean up as the Lacquer will be too dry.

What is Transform and how do I use it?

Transform will smooth out ridges and other nail imperfections. This superhero creates a smooth, satiny surface and a neutral base to make DD Nail Lacquer pop. It smooths imperfection on the nail surface to give a gel-like appearance and creates a stronger, more durable feel.

Transform Application Directions:

  • Saturate (1 per hand) lint-free cotton pad with Nail Prep – scrub each nail.
  • Apply 2 layers of Base Coat – allowing each layer to dry matte.
  • Apply 1 generous layer of Transform – allow 5 minutes to dry.
  • Apply 1 layer of Base Coat over Transform and allow to dry matte.
  • Apply 2 layers of Lacquer – allow each layer to dry.
  • Apply 1 layer of Top Coat.
  • Allow 5 minutes to dry.
  • TIP: Add 6-8 drops of Revive as needed when Transform becomes too thick

Why does my manicure become dull and how do I refresh it?

Dazzle Dry’s Top Coat can dull if you come in contact with alcohol-based products such as hand sanitizer, hairspray, etc. Simply follow the touch up technique by applying a layer of Base Coat over the existing manicure followed by a layer of Top Coat to freshen up the shine and extend the life of the manicure.

How do I touch up a chipped manicure?

  • First make sure hands are free of oil and lotion residue by washing and drying them.
  • Make sure Base Coat is clear by putting in shallow bowl of hot water; then shake the bottle gently before using it.
  • Cleanse the nail right over the existing manicure with Step #1 Nail Prep.
  • Apply 1 layer of Base Coat over entire nail including the area that is chipped and allow to dry matte.
  • Follow with the first layer of Lacquer either just where the chip is or over the entire nail and allow it to dry matte.
  • Apply second layer of Lacquer and allow it to dry matte.
  • Apply a layer of Top Coat to the entire nail.

What is Mattify and how should it be applied?

You may use DD Mattify Top Coat to achieve a matte finish.

  • To use, apply 1 generous layer of Mattify right over the regular Dazzle Dry Top Coat for optimum results.

How can I make the metallic, shimmer, or glitter DD Lacquers to last longer?

Glitter, Extreme Glitter & Shimmer Lacquers may not last as well as crème colors. To avoid premature chipping, follow the instructions below:

  • After using Step #1 Nail Prep, apply 2 layers of Base Coat (allowing each layer to dry matte).
  • Apply 2-3 THIN layers of the Glitter, Extreme Glitter or Shimmer (allowing each layer to dry matte).
  • Follow with 1 layer Base Coat (allow to dry matte).
  • Finish with 1 generous layer of Top Coat. You may use 2 layers of Top Coat if you don’t like the rough feel of glitters.
  • It also helps to apply these effects over crème colors to enhance their longevity of wear.

Does DD have neon colors?

No, Dazzle Dry only uses FDA pigments only. We do not have neon colors because these pigments are not approved by the FDA. However, we have 5 colors that we consider our “Brights” that behave a slightly differently than other colors and should be applied thinly and may even require a 3rd layer.

These colors: Grape Lollipop, Blueberry SnoCone, Watermelon Slice, Halo and Tutti Frutti can also be layered over DD White Lightning Lacquer to make them pop.

What did I do incorrectly if my manicures are not lasting at least 7 days?

Following detailed instructions is vital to the success of your DD manicure. If the manicure is chipping/peeling in less than 7 days, it is usually due to either application error or product contamination. While the system is exceptionally easy, proper prep and application is always critical to success.

  • Was a buffer used gently to remove the natural shine from the nail plate and smooth out cuticle work? This step is optional but it can help the Lacquer last longer.
  • Using cuticle oil after buffing in the manicure keeps the nail well moisturized and supple, this can prevent premature chipping.
  • Was the oil on the surface of the nail thoroughly removed by scrubbing the nails with soap and water?
  • Are you using one lint-free wipe per hand for step #1 Nail Prep?
  • Did you saturate each pad well with Nail Prep and rotate the pad as you move to each nail, ensuring that you are finding a clean spot on the pad for each nail? All remaining traces of oil/lotion around cuticle area and under free edge must be removed.
  • Is the Base Coat in a complete clear state (no traces of a milky look and residue on bottom of bottle)?
  • Are you using the complete Dazzle Dry System?
  • Are you applying two layers of Base Coat to the nails, making sure to cap the free edge and allowing each layer to dry matte?
  • Is your Lacquer/Top Coat too thick? (Reconstituting the viscosity with the Revive (thinner) is essential to maintain the correct viscosity. 6-8 drops at a time, add more if it is still too thick.
  • Is the first layer of Lacquer being applied a medium consistency (not too heavy, not too thin)?
  • Is the second layer of Lacquer being applied a bit heavier?
  • Is each layer drying matte before applying the next?
  • · Is the Top Coat being applied in a generous layer over the Lacquer and capping the free edge?
  • Is your Base Coat, Top Coat or Lacquer contaminated?
  • After Top Coat, are you using drying drops, quick-dry sprays, fans, blowing on the nails and flapping hands to accelerate dry time? These are all not recommended.
  • What was the condition of your nails? Did they appear to have a layering / peeling look or perhaps thin and weak look? If so, it may take some time until nails transition to their optimal condition so that DD can last 7-14 days.
  • Were you wearing nail enhancements, gels or hybrid polishes before using Dazzle Dry? If so, it takes a few Dazzle Dry manicures before your nails are restored to their native state and enjoy the full benefits of Dazzle Dry.

Will Dazzle Dry need to be soaked off in an acetone solvent like gel polish?

No, Dazzle Dry will safely and easily be removed with acetone or non-acetone polish remover. We suggest using DD Remove Acetone with Lemongrass + Clove or DD Remove Non-Acetone with Eucalyptus + Spearmint for best results.

Why is my polish rippling?

Not allowing each layer to dry matte or using a fan to accelerate dry time can cause rippling.

DD will air dry in 5 minutes. If fans, UV/ LED lights, drying drops/sprays are used, they can cause rippling or wrinkling.  Also, avoid the common practice of blowing on the nails as the moisture from your mouth can condense on the surface and result in a foggy polish surface.

Why is my manicure shrinking around the cuticle area?

If you are experiencing the Nail Lacquer shrinking around the cuticle area, your Nail Lacquer and Top Coat may be too thick or oil and lotion were not properly cleaned from the nail plate, side walls and cuticle area.

Why is my manicure shrinking at the free edge?

If you are experiencing shrinkage or wear and tear from the free edge, your Nail Lacquer and Top Coat may be too thick, there was oil/lotion hiding under the free edge of the nail or the free edge was capped too heavily.  Experiment with skipping the encapsulation of each layer as some have experienced favorable results with shrinking at the free edge.

Why did my manicure turn yellow/brownish?

Products that contain a high percentage of alcohol such as hand sanitizer, hair products, cleaning products, skin care toners, which we may be using daily could compromise the Top Coat, leaving the manicure susceptible to color transfer.

  • Example: if Top Coat is compromised with excessive use of hand sanitizer and then you potentially peel an orange, smoke, or apply products such as tanning lotion, the manicure can change color taking on a yellow or even brown tint.
  • Wash hands immediately or as soon as possible with liquid soap and warm water after applying sunscreen, using hand sanitizer, or contact with colored food such as carrots, oranges, etc.
  • Staining can usually be remedied by wiping the Top Coat with Step #1 Nail Prep, applying a layer of Base Coat (allow to dry matte), then Top Coat.
  • You can also apply 2 layers of Top Coat to your manicure. Applying two Top Coat layers provides a thicker coating so that the browning does not extend to the lacquer layer.

Why did my manicure bleach out?

All light pink colors and colors such as Watermelon Slice, Cotton Candy, Munchkin Madness and Tutti Frutti can fade/bleach when exposed to light, chlorine, saltwater, and sunscreen.

  • Their susceptibility to bleaching is dependent upon the amount of white pigment (titanium dioxide). Thus, the opaque creams will bleach faster than the semi-sheer Lacquers.
  • Dazzle Dry Nail Lacquers are chemically more stable than other polishes.
  • We are continuing to address this bleaching issue. We are familiar with synthetic chemicals that can prevent this bleaching issue, but we are trying to avoid using them as we would like to keep the Dazzle Dry formulation as true to our philosophy of using only ingredients that are known not to cause skin sensitization or allergy so that we can continue to use the term hypoallergenic.
  • TIP: Store the light pink colors in a drawer or in a box and avoid the above-named contributing factors as a band-aid to this issue until we figure out the best solution without compromising our hypoallergenic claim. Another tip is to apply two layers of Top Coat as it contains a UV absorber which may help with the bleaching.

How do I prevent light colors from getting streaky?

When applying the Lacquer, pick up more Lacquer on your brush, apply less pressure on your brush and work mostly with the tip of the brush with only a few brush strokes to prevent streaking.

What is Dazzle Dry Maintain?

Dazzle Dry Maintain is a fast-absorbing, non-greasy proprietary blend of 19 plant oils, rich in skin-identical ceramides and membrane phospholipids for natural, advanced hydration and protection.

Ingredients — Avocado Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Safflower Oil, Jojoba Oil, Sesame Seed Oil, Olive Squalane, Avena Sativa Kernel (Oat) Oil, Shea Butter, Jasmine Oil, Ylang Ylang Oil, Cinnamon Leaf Oil, Geranium Oil, Spearmint Oil, Spruce Needle Oil, Rosemary Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Orange Oil, Lemongrass Oil, Lavender Oil.

How do I apply Maintain?

  • One drop per hand is enough to spread onto 5 nails.
  • Take a few seconds to rub into each nail to stimulate circulation.
  • Use at least twice daily.
  • Reapply after hand washing to keep nails and cuticles supple.

Why is it important to use Maintain in a Dazzle Dry at-home manicure?

  • We recommend using cuticle oil in your at-home manicure for healthy nails.
  • Helps moisturize the skin, improves nail growth, and keeps a manicure looking beautiful longer.
  • Well-conditioned skin around the nail is less prone to hang nails.
  • Dazzle Dry adheres well to well-conditioned nails as opposed to dry/brittle nails.
  • Maintain nail and cuticle oil conditions the natural nail plate. A well-conditioned nail plate is less prone to becoming brittle, keeping it flexible and preventing breaks.
  • Dazzle Dry nail and cuticle treatments absorb quickly. However, it is important to wipe off surface oil properly prior to applying the Dazzle Dry Lacquer system.

What is Dazzle Dry Mend nail repair oil?

Mend transforms damaged nails using a proprietary blend of essential oils, ceramides, and phospholipids to restore proper hydration and create a protective barrier that seals in moisture. This game-changing nail oil is formulated specifically to treat white spots caused by frequent use of long-wearing nail polishes, gel or acrylic manicures and pedicures, aggressive cuticle removal or severe bending of the nails.

Ingredients — Squalane (Olives), Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel Oil, Ethylhexyldodecanol, Caprylic/ Capric Triglyceride, Tocopherol, Apium Graveolens (Celery) Seed Extract, Pistacia Lentiscus (Mastic) Gum, Lemongrass Oil, Tea Tree Oil.

How should I apply Dazzle Dry Mend and how often?

Apply Mend liberally on naked nails for maximum absorption by massaging oil into nails and cuticle area. Continue to use at least once daily. Reapply after hand-washing. If white spots are prevalent, use 2-3 times a day until nails are restored to their optimal healthy condition. Consistent use can promote healthier, stronger, and smoother nails. If applying polish after treatment, thoroughly cleanse hands and scrub nails with soapy water, then follow with the 4-step Dazzle Dry System for a flawless, healthy manicure.

Can I apply Mend/Maintain over Lacquer?

Yes, you may apply these oils over Lacquer as they will absorb through the side walls and the cuticle area. For maximum absorption, use over bare nails.

What should I do if my items were damaged in transit?

We are sorry to hear your order arrived damaged and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Please send pictures of the damaged items to our customer service department, along with the brown box it was shipped in for quality control purposes to orders@dazzledry.com. One of our representatives will contact you within 24 business hours to initiate a replacement.

What should I do if I forgot to use discount code or if the discount code not working?

Please contact customer service at orders@dazzledry.com for assistance regarding discount codes.

What should I do if I would like to return my order?

You may return damaged products within 3 business days of the delivery date for exchange or replacements at no cost. You may contact our customer service at orders@vbcometics.com or via telephone at (480) 814-8300 for assistance.

Can I exchange a color?

We are not accepting exchanges or returns for color. We do exchange or replace damaged products during shipping. For further assistance, please contact our customer service team at orders@vbcometics.com or via telephone at (480) 814-8300.

Color received was not as pictured on the website.

Due to the difference in resolution and color display in each monitor/screen, it’s often tough to get an exact feel for the color until it arrives. This sometimes makes the color selection tricky when shopping online. For future orders, please feel free to call our office during regular hours of operation at 480-814-8300. Our team will be happy to guide you toward the right color.

Can I stack coupons? Can I use more than one coupon in one order?

We do not allow the stacking of coupons, promotions, discounts, sales or using more than one coupon, promotion, discount, or sale per order at this time.