Four Steps to Flawless

Designed as a system. Formulated for results. This is the blueprint for better nails.

The Dazzle Dry System

Our award-winning four-step nail care system is formulated with our signature Nail Prep, Base Coat, Lacquer and Top Coat. Together, it provides the fastest-drying, longest-lasting, natural nail treatment you’ve ever experienced.

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Step 1

Nail Prep

Promote longer-lasting manicures with the perfect nail canvas. Nail Prep cleanses the nail plate while providing beneficial moisture, calcium, vitamin B5, & hydrolyzed protein.

To Use: Scrub each nail thoroughly with Nail Prep to remove any oils or lotions.

Step 2

Base Coat

Our Base Coat is specifically formulated for natural nails to keep polish lasting longer. Not for use on acrylic or artificial nails.

To Use: If Base Coat is cloudy or jelly-like, stand the bottle in 1 inch of hot water until the product becomes clear. Apply two layers to each nail, allowing each layer to dry matte. Avoid contact with skin to prevent lifting.

Step 3


Available in more than 150 shades, our Lacquer delivers quick-drying, long-lasting wear and is formulated exclusively for the Dazzle Dry system.

To Use: If Nail Lacquer is thick add 6-8 drops of Revive. Add more if necessary. Apply two layers of Nail Lacquer to each nail, allowing each layer to dry matte. Avoid contact with skin to prevent lifting.

Step 4

Top Coat

Our quick-drying, non-yellowing Top Coat provides high gloss and protection against abrasion.

To Use:  If Top Coat is thick add 6-8 drops of Revive. Add more if necessary. Apply one layer of Top Coat to each nail after Lacquer has dried matte. Wait five minutes and you’re done!



Your Nail Lacquers and Top Coat may become thick due to evaporation.  This is perfectly normal.  Revive was designed to reconstitute your products to the desired consistency.

To Use: If Top Coat or Nail Lacquer is thick add 6-8 drops of Revive.  Add more if necessary. Do NOT add Revive to Base Coat as it will ruin the product.

Next Level Nail Care

Supplement your system with cult-favorite products


A revolutionary ridge filler that creates a stronger feel and a more vibrant finish. Transform smooths out nail imperfections for a gel-like appearance.


  1. Cleanse nails with Nail Prep- scrub each nail
  2. Apply 2 layers of Base Coat (allowing each layer to dry matte)
  3. Apply 1 generous layer of Transform (allow 5 minutes to dry)
  4. Apply 1 additional layer of Base Coat (allowing to dry matte)
  5. Apply 2 layers of Lacquer (allow each layer to dry matte)
  6. Apply 1 layer of Top Coat
  7. Allow 5 minutes to dry

Tip: Add 4-6 drops of Revive as needed when Transform becomes too thick.

Mattify Top Coat

A quick-drying, non-yellowing alternative to our traditional Top Coat. Mattify Top Coat protects nails and creates a matte finish. Can be used with natural and acrylic nails.


Complete Dazzle Dry 4-step system: Nail Prep, Base Coat, Lacquer and Top Coat.

Apply 1 generous layer of Mattify over dried Top Coat. Allow 5 minutes to dry.

NOTE: Exposure to oils may cause matte appearance to wear after several days. To touch up wash hands and apply 1 layer of Base Coat, let dry matte and follow with 1 layer of Mattify. Allow 5 minutes to dry.

TIP: When Mattify becomes too thick, add 6-8 drops of Revive to reconstitute the viscosity.



A gentle, non-drying formula for the easy removal of lacquers and polishes. Remove is infused with lemongrass and clove oils to help moisturize, deodorize and impart a naturally fresh scent.