Dazzle Dry Affiliate Program

Dive into a beauty care partnership built for your success. We empower you to inspire your clientele and connections with top-quality nail products—and monetize your everyday advice.


Reasons to
your trail

Money Made, No Time Lost

Make extra money, day in and day out. While you share Dazzle Dry’s amazing products with the beauty world, your everyday grind won’t skip a beat. More cash made, no time lost.

Once a Customer, Always a Customer

Dazzle Dry’s easy-to-use system has an 80% client retention rate. The more you sell, the more they’ll keep coming back—and you’ll cash in every time.

The Power of Support

Nailblazers is a true partnership that never leaves you hanging. We’ll give you the tools you need to succeed like a custom URL, online digital training, social media assets and more.

Tried-and-True Products

Dazzle Dry products are backed by big numbers, strong science and badass babes who love attractive, healthy nails. They’re simple to use, easy to sell and benefit your bottom line every time.

Premium Perks

Receive exclusive discounts on Dazzle Dry products only available to affiliate members like you. That’s more lacquer to try, more to love and more to share.

Simple As...


Once you’re a Dazzle Dry Pro, fill out a Nailblazers application. You’ll receive some introductory info and an exclusive Nailblazers discount!


Share Dazzle Dry with your friends, family and most importantly, your clients. Whether you’re a hair stylist, esthetician, makeup artist or nail technician, share your custom Nailblazers URL with your loyal customers and reap the rewards.


When your clients use your URL to purchase Dazzle Dry products, you receive 25% commission—each and every time. Simple as that.


Are Saying


Does being a Nailblazer cost anything?!

No. Signing up is completely free.

How much money can I make?

Nailblazers make 25% commission on every purchase made through their unique affiliate URL. There’s no limitations beyond that! Sling lacquer to your heart’s content.

Can I be a Nailblazer if I live/work outside the United States?

The Dazzle Dry Affiliate Program is currently only open to licensed beauty professionals in the United States.

Do I need to be a nail technician to sign up?

No. Nailblazers is open to all licensed beauty professionals.

How often Do affiliates get paid?

Our Nailblazers get paid monthly via direct deposit into their registered bank accounts.

I’ve never been a beauty affiliate before. Do I need training?

No, but we’re here to help however we can! We’ll provide you with sales tips, online digital training and more. If you have any questions, you’re also free to call 480.814.8300 or email us at at any time.

Start Today

Blaze your trail with Dazzle Dry! It’s easy to join and simple to do. Let’s get fired up!