Blueberry Milk Nails: Summer Nail Trend of 2023

Blueberry Milk Nails

The latest enviable nail trend making its way around TikTok provides the right kind of inspiration for a new summer look. Dubbed the blueberry milk nail, this trending nails 2023 look consists of a powdery or creamy sheer blue shade that is applied over either a white, pearlescent, or beige base. Professional nail artist Julia Diogo says “The powdery blue manicure has definitely taken over,” indicating the immense popularity of this look. She went on to add why she thinks it is trending so much right now, “I think it’s so popular at the moment because it stands out, but still looks super chic.

What is a Milk Manicure?

As mentioned above, this look utilizes a creamy sheer blue shade over the base. This isn’t the minty or poppy shade of blue that has trended in the past. Instead, this is better described as a sky blue combined with a gray or cream base. Although this light creamy color works well with virtually any skin tone, it is the ideal look for summer when skin is naturally more tanned as it looks especially nice next to sun-kissed fingers.

Previous Milk Nails Trends

If you find yourself remembering previous milk trends, you aren’t wrong. In fact, before this latest explosion of blueberry milk nails, there were other milk-themed nail varieties. Nail artists state that strawberry milk, banana milk, and even other fruit-themed milk looks have also been popular recently. In addition, the chocolate milk trend has even had its share of popularity. Suffice it to say that combining virtually any color or shade with a milky base is desirable right now, especially as warmer temperatures continue

How to Get The Look

If you want to achieve this look yourself and have everyone appreciate your trendy blueberry milk nails, it's easy enough to create on your own. Obviously, you can ask for it at any salon and get the look. However, if you want to try it out at home, you can create blueberry milk nails in a few ways. Choose a blue polish, like a baby blue. Also, purchase a milky nail polish or a nude. The look is created through the combination of a creamy base of milk nail polish with a cool blue tone.

Experts recommend when trying to achieve any nail look, opt for two coats above the base coat and beneath a topcoat. If you can’t find the right shade for this look, you can adapt by layering a creamy sheer white on top of a true blue nail color. You can even opt for a shimmery look by adding a top layer of glittery polish. You can create a matte look too or opt for long nails, short square nails, or even accent nails with designs, all within the blueberry milk nail trend. This is what makes it a favorite, as with its versatility, you can achieve this look using several methods and personalize it for your own stylistic preferences.

Dazzle Dry Nail Lacquer Colors for the Trend

If you head out to the salon for your own blueberry milk nail look or instead opt to do it yourself at home, we recommend you choose a few Dazzle Dry Nail polish colors to achieve this look. The following are shades including both bases and lacquers that will work well with this trending look:

  • Bare Transform: This is a natural look and is better under light or sheer lacquer. It also helps smooth out nail imperfections.
  • White Lightning: A striking white crème nail polish to light up the night sky.
  • Breathe Free: A delicate white nail lacquer that leaves a sheer, milky-soft marshmallow look.
  • Pearl: A sheer white frost, perfect for the glazed look and as a base for the Blueberry Milk look.
  • Lotion, Please!: This shade of blue is ideal for creating the blueberry milk nail look. It offers a cream and full coverage effect and is simply beautiful.
  • Checkmate: Another option for blue lacquer is this semi-sheer cream shade. It is not too bright but still light enough for the perfect summer look.
  • Top Coat: A quick-drying, non-yellowing top coat providing high gloss and protection against abrasion.
  • Mattify Top Coat: This fast-drying top coat helps create a matte finish. This helps create that milky look as well.

Blueberry Milk Nails

You can create your own blueberry milk nails at home with Dazzle Dry products, or opt to ask for them in the salon. Either way, this look is one you most certainly want to try before the summer ends as it is a light, airy, yet contrasting effect that highlights tans and inspires thoughts of vacations and beaches.