Stamping Tools

Stamping Tools

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Includes: Clear Jelly Stamper and scraper.


Nail Stamping Instructions:


  1. Apply Dazzle Dry Nail Prep, Base Coat and Lacquer, following System Instructions. Do NOT apply Top Coat. Allow a few minutes to dry.
  2. Select your desired stamping plate pattern (stamping plate not included)
  3. Generously coat pattern with Dazzle Dry Stamping Lacquer.
  4. Hold scraper at a 45° angle to the stamping plate. Scrape off excess polish.
  5. Quickly apply stamper to coated stamping plate pattern in a rolling motion (one time, side to side) to pick up the polish. Do not allow polish to dry on the plate.
  6. Roll stamper (one time, side to side), over the nail to transfer the pattern
  7. Remove excess Lacquer on surrounding skin using transparent tape. Use detail brush and acetone to finish the cleanup.
  8. Apply a generous coat of Dazzle Dry Top Coat. To avoid dragging the design, gently dab (do not brush) the Top Coat over the entire nail.

To clean stamping plate, use a cotton ball or pad and acetone. To clean stamper, use a lint roller or transparent tape. DO NOT use acetone as it will ruin the stamper. Dazzle Dry Revive can be added to Stamping Lacquer to reconstitute desired viscosity.


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